Ocens WeatherNet Service, GRIB Explorer Software & MetMapper Software

December 21, 2007

Ocens WeatherNet Service, GRIB Explorer Software and MetMapper Software

Grib explorerHeading offshore with sail or power? Do coastal cruising year ‘round? Fish in stormy Alaska or the hurricane wracked Gulf? 

Ocens carries some truly spectacular weather software and services. What was once information available exclusively to International shipping firms, around the world sailboat record setters and large scale commercial fishing is now available to the average person in an easy to use format.

You will need some way to communicate, be it Satellite phone, Cell phone, SSB (Single Side Band), WiFi or landline. Ocens WeatherNet service allows you access to a colossal amount of weather, sea and environmental information. Ocens GRIB Explorer software provides you to access to WeatherNet’s GRIB information. Ocens MetMapper software combines all WeatherNet data into a viewable GRIB style display.

For a reasonable annual fee and a prepaid services amount ($75-1000), you get to access to WeatherNet, designed to optimize the download of weather and ocean data products via wireless connections. The service offers highly compressed text, images, charts, buoy data, radar, GRIB files, and many more formats. With over 20,000 continuously updated weather products, WeatherNet is the largest most comprehensive source of weather data in the world.

Where to start? Ocens products at Go2marine!

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