Boat Zincs and Anodes

April 8, 2008

Go2marine now offers Performance Metals Zincs / Anodes for outdrives, sterndrives, propeller shaft and propellers. Anodes and Zincs for Boats

Performance Metals produces both traditional zinc and premium high performance Navalloy anodes for use in fresh, brackish and salt water.

  • Navalloy anodes are environmentally safe, heavy metals zinc poison the environment.
  • Anodes are available in full kits and individual anodes for your sterndrive, shaft and hull anodes.
  • Most Performance Metals anodes and zincs have a “Red Dot” wear indicator to help insure timely anode replacement.

For a limited time, Premium Mercuiser Aluminum Anodes, Alpha & Bravo Drive Anode Kits and  Premium Volvo Aluminum Anodes, Complete Anode Drive Kits with Hardware  are on sale at Go2marine.com.

Hull Anodes / Zincs

Hull zinc anodes are used when you have underwater fittings bonded together electrically. The hull zinc depletes instead of underwater metal fittings. These anodes must be carefully monitored to protect the propeller, through-hulls or entire the hull of metal boats.

Shaft, Propeller & Rudder Anodes / Zincs

Shaft zincs or anodes are typically fashioned in two pieces and bolted together around the propeller shaft. Propeller zincs may be a ring zinc or a zinc prop nut. Metal rudders, struts and fins are easily protected with zinc anode disks bolted through them.

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