Edson Boat Steering Wheels

May 5, 2008

Edson Boat Steering Wheels

Edson manufactures boat steering wheels for both sailboats and powerboats. From Edson’s American Manufacturing locations, they produce stainless steel, wood, cast and composite boat steering wheels.  Edson supplies boat steering wheels that are suitable for any vessel of any size.

edson boat steering wheels

Edson’s Carbon Fiber Boat Steering Wheel – less than 10 lbs in a 54″ wheel

Edson’s Carbon / Wood Laminated Boat Steering Wheel fitted to the Baltic 152′ Pink Gin, features alternating layers of Teak, Holly and Carbon Fiber, forming a unique blend of traditional and modern building materials. Hand built by third generation master craftsmen, each boat wheel is built to the customers specifications, combining woods of your choice with composite materials sealed with clear Awl Grip.

Edson Custom boat wheels - Baltic 152

Twin Edson custom boat wheels aboard Baltic 152

Edson leads in Powerboat steering wheels with the Stainless Comfort Grip Power Wheel. Edson’s production power boat steering wheels are quality built in the USA. You may add features such as a steering knob and custom engraved center nuts. From modern stainless steel destroyer wheels to cast aluminum character wheels offering a traditional look, Edson builds a powerboat steering for you.

Edson power grip boat wheel

Edson powergrip power boat steering wheel

 Edson steering wheels for modern sailboats are most often destroyer boat wheels mounted to an Edson steering pedestal. Offered for virtually every production and custom sailboat, Edson supplies a steering system, steering pedestal or steering wheel that will fit you vessel.

 Edson sailboat steering wheel
Edson Vision II steering pedestal

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