Taylor Made Mooring Whips

August 20, 2008

If you live on the waterfront, boating usually becomes a part of your everyday life. When we were children, my parents owned a Chris Craft that we played on until the sun went down in the summer and fall. One year, after several severe wind storms caused by the atmospheric grab bag of high humidity, cool Lake Michigan water and the weather circulation patterns caused by them, we were forced to anchor it off the dock. We didn’t know anything about Mooring Whips.
Docking Options - Protect Your Boat

Docking Protection

If you have grown weary of the dings and marks that result from dock contact with your boat, Taylor Made may have just the solution! There are several options to protect your boat from dock wear, besides fenders. Mooring Whips can protect both the boat and the dock against damage by pulling your vessel away from the dock where wave, wind, wake, & tide action can damage it, while allowing the boat to move naturally with the water. 

Taylor Made Fenders

Taylor Made Fenders

Taylor Made Products is one of the largest and most innovative suppliers of marine aftermarket products, including buoys, fenders, boat covers, bimini tops, dock and mooring products, flags, pennants and hardware.

To read more about your docking solutions…visit Go2marine.

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