USCG and Go2marine Products

September 17, 2008

Go2marine carries products that are purchased and used by the USCG, the United States military, the Canadian, British and Mexican Governments as well as rescue services in many other countries.

USCG 47' Motor Life Boat


The USCG 47′ Textron MLB

The United States Coast Guard Motor Life Boat (MLB) built by Textron is capable of self righting in less than 10 seconds and withstanding winds of 60 knots and 20′ breaking surf. The USCG 47′ MLB has military application as well as being manufactured for rescue services in foreign countries. The products that go into building one of the most rugged rescue boats ever conceived come from a number of sources;

Balmar – High output Marine DC Charging Systems

Balmar Marine DC Charging Systems

Balmar Marine DC Charging Systems

Balmar manufactures marine charging systems fitted to the MLB’s, constructed as a lightweight generator for the US Marine Corp and the Canadian Department of Defense. Balmar’s unique alternators, regulators and charge regulators capable of multiple engines and multiple batteries are built for use in cruising power and sailboats as well as work vessels. As an industry leader, Balmar is creating marine worthy high output alternators, intelligent voltage regulation and temperature monitors to meet the charging needs of boats with newer battery types and increased electrical demands.

Baier Hatches – Watertight marine Hatches

Baier Watertight Marine Hatches

Baier Watertight Marine Hatches

Baier Hatches exceed the demands of the USCG 47′ MLB which is certified to withstand vessel impacts of three times the acceleration of gravity. From the USCG to Research and Work vessels, Baier manufactures aluminum and steel hatches to meet rigorous off shore marine duty. There are only 2 moving parts when securing the hatch to the deck ring of the Baier patented strong-back system. All Baier hatches have been approved by the US Coast Guard, the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Canadian Department of Transportation.


PYI Inc. Packless Sealing System Shaft Seal

PYI Inc. Packless Sealing System Shaft Seal

PYI Inc. – Packless Sealing System (PSS) Shaft Seals

When Textron builds the 47′ USCG motor life boat, they want shaft seals that can stand up to 30′ following seas in a 40,000 pound boat powered by Two 435 Hp Detroit Diesels. The PYI shaft seals stand up to punishing conditions, are dripless and require reduced maintenance while serving a hard, long service life. PYI PSS shaft seals are built to fit most mariners needs, from 3/4″ to 6″ shaft sizes, with metric shafts also, from 22-95 mm with custom sizes to 140mm.


Stearns Service / Industrial Equipment

Stearns Service / Industrial Equipment

Stearn’s Industrial – USCG, Mariners & Law Enforcement

Stearns Industrial safety and survival equipment includes USCG and Law enforcement marked floatation equipment and suits. From Commercial Type 1 vest’s (PFD’s) to Rescue Suits, Immersion Suits and Flotation Jackets, Stearns provides quality USCG approved safety equipment for working and survival in harsh conditions. Whether you are a fisherman, kayaker, sailor, boater – out on the water for play or work, Stearns manufactures equipment for your safety in the marine environment.

Go2marine is proud to carry these products and supports both recreational boaters and professional mariners. Go2marine’s products and information are featured on National Fisherman and the Go2marine Boaters Community.

Extend your boating season into fall, winter and spring with an Xtreme Heater.

Xtreme Heaters at Go2marine

Xtreme Heaters at Go2marine

The Xtreme Heater is the FIRST to be independently tested to meet the ignition protection requirements of the ABYC E11, the USCG, ISO 8846, MIL-SPEC ( MIL-STD-810E Method 514.4 Vibration, MIL-STD-810E Method 507.3 Humidity, MIL-STD-810E Method 502.3 Low temperature, MIL-STD-810E Method 501.3 High temperature ) and SAE J1171.

All Xtreme Heaters are a small and highly efficient marine heater for the bilge, engine room or cabin on a boat for extending boat usage during late fall through early spring. The heater has a redundant failsafe protection to prevent runaway temperatures, mounts in small areas and can be mounted in any direction; sideways, upside down, vertically. Xtreme heaters are also ignition protected, energy efficient, and designed to fit into nearly any size or type of boat. It will make it easier to start your engine, maintain dryness in the engine room, keep your bilges warm and dry, minimize winterization and the heating element comes with a full 1 year warranty and lifetime support for service.

Once you plug in your Xtreme Heaters 20 foot built in cord, the heater will turn on at 43 to 46 degree (+/- 3 degrees). The automatic control will shut the heater off at 55 degrees. All Xtreme Heater models utilize PTC technology “Positive Temperature Coefficient” based heaters.

A PTC heater will increase its resistance as temperature increases; the wattage will increase as ambient temperatures fall and the wattage will decrease as ambient temperatures rise. The Xtreme Heater will maintain a consistent air temperature and will never over heat in any circumstance. 
Whether you are a serious boater or you just want to keep everything below decks warm and dry, there is an Xtreme Heater for your usage.

Xtreme Heaters are on sale at Go2marine until November 30th, 2008

Xtreme Heaters at Go2marine

Xtreme Heaters at Go2marine

The Xtreme Heater is available in 3 sizes:

Model Type

Part Code

Model Dims


Recommended for
Boat Size:

6″ x 4″ x 5 1/8″
Up to 24 ft *
8″ x 4″ x 5 1/8″
Up to 28 ft *
8″ x 4″ x 5 1/8″
Up to 35 ft *

* For larger boats or houseboats, you can always use 2 heaters.

Anniversary Collection

Anniversary Collection

Known worldwide since 1928 for their precision nautical instruments, Weems and Plath has been supplying the world with quality navigation tools. Whether for boat, home or office, these beautiful, handcrafted and accurate instruments make the perfect addition for navigation or décor.

The heading to today’s success began in the early 1900’s with Captain Philip Van Horn Weems entering the Naval Academy. Around this time, steam powered vessels were beginning to take the place of sailing vessels. This increase in speed brought around a need for better navigation.

In May of 1919, eight years before Lindberg’s solo flight, Weems found himself on board a ship tracking three small planes attempting to make the first trans-Atlantic flight. Only one of them made it. This experience combined with varied tours of duty with the Navy provided Captain Weems with the background and experience to truly understand what it would take to find a quick yet reliable method of navigation.

In 1928 Weems System of Navigation was established.

Go2marine is pleased to offer a huge selection of these legendary nautical instruments including clocks, barometers, thermometers and more. Recently expanded, the selection of Weems and Plath items at Go2marine.com is presented in a format that makes it easy to find just the item and finish needed.

Always a welcome gift for any occasion, the wide range of prices and options makes Go2marine the perfect place to purchase these world renowned instruments.