Weems and Plath Nautical Instruments

September 3, 2008

Anniversary Collection

Anniversary Collection

Known worldwide since 1928 for their precision nautical instruments, Weems and Plath has been supplying the world with quality navigation tools. Whether for boat, home or office, these beautiful, handcrafted and accurate instruments make the perfect addition for navigation or décor.

The heading to today’s success began in the early 1900’s with Captain Philip Van Horn Weems entering the Naval Academy. Around this time, steam powered vessels were beginning to take the place of sailing vessels. This increase in speed brought around a need for better navigation.

In May of 1919, eight years before Lindberg’s solo flight, Weems found himself on board a ship tracking three small planes attempting to make the first trans-Atlantic flight. Only one of them made it. This experience combined with varied tours of duty with the Navy provided Captain Weems with the background and experience to truly understand what it would take to find a quick yet reliable method of navigation.

In 1928 Weems System of Navigation was established.

Go2marine is pleased to offer a huge selection of these legendary nautical instruments including clocks, barometers, thermometers and more. Recently expanded, the selection of Weems and Plath items at Go2marine.com is presented in a format that makes it easy to find just the item and finish needed.

Always a welcome gift for any occasion, the wide range of prices and options makes Go2marine the perfect place to purchase these world renowned instruments.

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