Lighthouse Windlass – Commercial Strength for the Recreational Boater

December 15, 2008

Lighthouse windlasses are built for the recreational boating market BUT their design is rugged like a commercial vessel windlass. Go2marine is a proud supplier of this industrial strength marine windlass. They are available in 12-32 volt electric power options as well as hydraulically powered. A windlass is not only necessary for lifting the heavy ground tackle during anchoring, it is useful in kedging your vessel. All windlasses should have a manual backup in case of a power supply failure.

Lighthouse Windlasses at Go2marine

Lighthouse Windlasses at Go2marine

Lighthouse Anchor Windlasses, made in the USA, feature stainless steel construction; won’t corrode away like aluminum winches or rust like steel units. No chrome plating to peel off like others made of brass. The only winch with 3 manual back-ups. Can be tailed just like any sheet winch. Has rapid manual rewind with use of a standard or ratcheting winch handle in capstan end.

A second winch handle socket on top of the winch is provided for kedging and allows a maximum pull manually through a 60:1 gear ratio. This means if only 35 lbs. of pressure is exerted on a standard 10″ winch handle in kedging socket, a potential of 10,500 lbs. Is available at the capstan. For example; 35 lbs. X 10″ = 350 lbs., 350 lbs. X 60 (gear ratio)= 21,000 lbs., divide 21,000 lbs. By the radius of the capstan (2″)=10,500 lbs. On most boats, this could be the most powerful device for winching available.

Lighthouse Windlass Cutaway

Lighthouse Windlass Cutaway

Lighthouse windlasses are are rated at continuous duty, not maximum pull as with most other winch manufacturers. Optional reversing is available without changing motors, and can be added at anytime. When powering out chain, it can not pull chain out of the locker, therefore cannot damage the deck, hawser pipes or winch. It only allows chain to fall at a controlled speed. The only winch to use urethane clutch materials. This will allow gradual take up of friction plates and can provide controlled slip rates, unlike others that are either on or off. Clutches should last indefinitely and are impervious to salt water and are protected from sunlight. Installation of the Lighthouse windlass is the simplest of any on the market, as told to us by riggers and owners alike.

Motor extension housings up to 48″ are available from the factory. No other winch fits the bill for sail vessels due to its low profile (4″ lower than comparable verticals). The lighthouse windlass fits a variety of sail and power vessels. The Lighthouse windlass does not require deck blocking like most vertical winches. Therefore the Lighthouse windlass is not subject to failure, due to overhung, unsupported loads associated with vertical winches.

The Lighthouse windlass can be mounted flat to the deck in most cases and does not require the spacers and pads usually required for aligning vertical winches to the bow rollers.

Lighthouse w/ twin wildcat's & capstan's

Lighthouse w/ twin wildcat's & capstan's

Go2marine supplies Lighthouse and other windlass manufactures windlasses to the recreational and commercial boating market. For our complete line of windlasses, windlass accessories and other marine boating parts, visit Go2marine.

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