LED Marine Lighting – from Dr. LED

January 30, 2009

Dr. LED is not just another supplier of LED lighting, they are an innovator of LED lighting products.

Go2marine has introduced the Dr. LED line of lighting with several of the unique products offered. Dr. LED lights use patented “Constant Energy Technology” utilizing ultra efficient energy transfer from power sources to the LEDs. Power sources include: line voltage (120VAC, 240VAC), low voltage systems (12VAC, 24VAC), battery systems (12VDC, 24VDC, 28VDC), or alternative charging sources such as wind, solar panels, etc.

Dr. LED bulbs have active electronics built in to regulate the energy going into each LED, so that they do not overheat and/or burn out prematurely at the high end of the source voltage range, while maintaining an optimal level of light output for each given type of LED. As incandescent and halogen replacements, Dr. LED uses warm white lights (~3200 K), instead of the cold (~6000 K) LEDs more commonly used.

Dr. LED lights are also given names, for reasons that are logical as well as those of friends.

 A Surface Mounted Submersible LED Light, Underwater Lamp, named “Dave”.

Underwater Surface Mounted Submersible LED Light - Dave

Underwater Surface Mounted Submersible LED Light - Dave

Dave offers a waterproof LED light producing 400+ Lumen of light. Useful in the Engine Room (no risk of explosion), as  spreader light, in the cockpit or even below the waterline!


A Versatile Waterproof LED Light, Spreader Lamp, named “Kevin”.

Versatile Waterproof LED Light, Spreader Lamp, "Kevin"

Versatile Waterproof LED Light, Spreader Lamp, "Kevin"

Kevin is a bright, versatile waterproof lamp supplying 600+ Lumen. Outstanding light output from an energy saving LED fixture. Useful as a spreader light, tower light or anyplace you need ample light to work.


 Navigation Table Light, Navigation Chart w/ Red & White LED Lamp, named “Cobra”.

Navigation Table Light, Nav Chart LED Lamp, Cobra, Red & White

Navigation Table Light, Nav Chart LED Lamp, Cobra, Red & White

The Cobra is the world’s first and Only Bi-Color (Red/White) single high-Flux LED chart and reading light. This gooseneck chart light is a must for all navigational tables.


Edison Medium Screw Base LED Bulb, 12V/3W – 60 Watt equivalent, named “Sidekick”.

Edison Medium Screw Base LED Bulb, 3W, Sidekick

Edison Medium Screw Base LED Bulb, 3W, Sidekick

The Sidekick is a unique LED bulb in that it retains the usefulness of a conventional Edison medium base bulb (most standard light fixtures). The bulb gives off the warm glow of an incandelesent bulb while allowing the common ‘clip-on’ shades to still work.

Go2marines’s complete Dr. LED products

Common Features to all of Dr. LED light fixtures include:

Extremely rugged and ample heat sinking to the LEDs to ensure long life operation.
Multi-voltage 12VDC or 24VDC or 12VAC.
Works on most low voltage outdoor lighting systems.
Instant on, no warm-up of bulb needed.
Long service life, up to 50,000 hours.
Not hot – warm to the touch.
Shockproof, ultra-rugged with no filament to burn out or break.

5 Responses to “LED Marine Lighting – from Dr. LED”

  1. Steve Gibbs Says:

    I have been doing some research into Dr. LED products. I think we need good LED solutions for boats. The problem I have so far in my research is that it is a little obscure that a white LED should not be used in a navigation light with a colored lense. If you have an older Bi-color or Tri-color light there is an appropriate Dr. LED replacement, but how can you be sure the bayonet will line up the colors to the appropriate lense? People need to know before using them in lights with colored lenses.

    • sailorf21 Says:

      You are entirely correct. White LED’s behind a colored lense is not a working option. However, with a tricolor lense, white LED’s are the current replacement. For port and starboard lights, there are current bulb manufacturers who produce colored LED bulbs for that purpose. I use a red LED replacement bulb in my 60 year old port light and green LED in the starboard light.

  2. Signal Mate Says:

    LED’s for navigation lights, a misconception… a navigation light must be certified to U.S.C.G. specifications. Boaters are installing LED’s into their nav. light fixtures this changes color and cutoff angles. Adding an LED to a nav. fixture requires that that fixture needs to be certified.
    Boaters be careful doing this could make you liable if you get into a boat accident.
    Safe Sailing, Mike R

    • sailorf21 Says:

      I agree. There has been a recent flood of LED “adapter bulbs” on the internet that will allow you to “upgrade” your existing lights. The only people I know who are producing complete LED lights that are USCG approved are Perko, Aqua Signal and now Signal Mate.
      Not everyone wants to upgrade to a new style light.
      Having said that, I have personally, like so many other boaters, gone to a LED bulb inside a vintage fixture. Doing this requires that you 1. Look at the lights during night from near and far, from more than one angle! 2. Replace the light bulb with the LED. 3. Look at them again. My own experience has been positive with replacing my single stud bulbs in Wilcox Crittenden P/S lights. The bulbs I received also had high output LEDs on the end and they were behind tinted glass lenses. The bulbs were also labled for green or red replacement, they were not simply white LEDs. I have seen some truly bad LED bulbs run in all-round masthead lights.

  3. Totallyled Says:

    The New Warm White Linear LEDS 360 Degree will work behind any colored lens due to the LED is color matched to the original Incandescent bulb that was in there doing the same job with all three different colored lens’s are now available.

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