This just in! – Clear View Fiberglass Propane Tanks by Ragasco

March 4, 2009

Go2marine is proud to carry Clear View Fiberglass Propane Tanks by Ragasco. Clear View tanks are unparalleled in the safe handling of propane, are extremely weather and corrosion resistant, lightweight and offer the ability to view the level of fuel through the tank.

Clear View Fiberglass Propane Tanks, 3 & 5 Gallon Tanks

Clear View Fiberglass Propane Tanks, 3 & 5 Gallon Tanks

Safety and Propane

Propane is a gas, as well as the third most commonly used fuel in the United States after gasoline and diesel. In its natural state, propane is colorless, odorless, and 1.5 times heavier than air. Because propane is heavier than air, it tends to sink into basements, bilges and all other low areas. To make it more detectable, manufacturers add an odorant to give it a “rotten egg” or sour smell. In its stored and transported state, propane is a liquid–a very cold liquid under pressure, often referred to as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

The U.S. Fire Administration reports that about 150 injuries and 5 deaths occur each year from mostly residential grill fires, caused by propane. Also, each year fire service responds to 6500 grill fires accounting for approximately $28 million in property loss. Four out of five Americans have the equivalent of a large, flammable explosive device right outside their homes, or inside a garage or shed. Additionally, most motor homes, RVs and boats have propane as a fuel source.

Portable propane tanks are commonly made from metal (steel or aluminum) or composite (fiberglass). All modern propane tanks come with a pressure release valve that will release some of the propane in the event of a fire. The traditional steel or aluminum propane tank has one big drawback when they are on fire. Metal tanks heat up, releasing the gas through the pressure valve until the liquid is boiling and overwhelming the valve. At this time the metal propane tank explodes.

Surveillance video from a Wal-Mart in Kentucky captures a metal propane tank exploding in the back of a pickup truck. The driver survived with burns. Note the pressure relief valve working before the propane tank explodes.

Safer Propane Tanks

Fiberglass (Composite) propane tanks are the safer tank for many reasons. Composite propane tanks are also fitted with pressure relief valves that will allow the propane to ‘blow off’. Unlike a rigid metal tank, when a fiberglass composite tank is in a fire it will soften, then burn through with a controlled burnout, instead of an explosion.

Ragasco is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of LPG composite cylinders. The high-volume production facility in Raufoss Norway is the most advanced of its kind world-wide. They are committed on quality, safety and innovative solutions that add value to customers and preserves the environment.

In the USA, the cylinders are approved in accordance with DOT-SP-12706, which is based on ISO11119-3.2, CFR49, FRP-1 and DOT specific requirements. Authorized Testing Institute is the third party approval organization for the manufacturing line and product.

In Canada, the cylinders are approved in accordance with TC-SU-5931, which is based on ISO11119-3.2 and BS 3.3.9, TC-3FCM, CAN/CSA B339 and further Transport Canada requirements. Authorized Testing Institute is the third party approval organization for the manufacturing line and product.

Ragasco regards this commitment to safety to be the basis for manufacturing and approvals in all EC-countries from the issuing date 2001-10-25, resulting in more than 2.5 million approved cylinders. In addition, approximately 500,000 cylinders are approved by local authorities in various markets on all continents.

 Clear View Fiberglass Propane Tanks at Go2marine.

Corrosion / Weather Resistant

Due to the composite fiberglass construction, Clear View propane tanks can be used in many environments. By design and materials, the fiberglass tank may be used on a vessel, a forklift or an outdoor BBQ alike with little worry of the effects of sun, salt or weather. For aesthetic purposes, cylinders can be easily be cleaned by power-washing with a soap and water solution. Sand-blasting or painting of the cylinders is not necessary. UV additives and stabalizers have been applied to the casing material. Finally, as part of the approval, Clear View fiberglass tanks are tested and approved down to -40F / -40C.

Lightweight, with a Clear View

Fiberglass propane tanks weigh 50% less than steel counterparts and 20% less than aluminum. This lighter weight makes the tanks easier to handle. The ability to view the propane through the fiberglass tank removes all guessing as to the level. Additionally, the translucent quality of the tank allows you to view fuel level as the tank is being filled.

The choice is Clear – Clear View Fiberglass Propane Tanks!

2 Responses to “This just in! – Clear View Fiberglass Propane Tanks by Ragasco”

  1. bernie Says:

    I am seeking info on fibreglass propane gas tank around 30 to 40 lb.
    At the present time i’m using a metal tank which is exposed to the weather in Mexico, on the coast. Needless to say the salt air eats away at the metal tank which requires replacement every 4yrs. Will fibreglass be the answer? if yes, what would be the life expectancy and are they available in Mazatlan?

    • sailorf21 Says:

      Ragasco propane tanks are made in Norway. A 30# tank that has North American fittings has been in the works for a year or so. Currently the only #30 fiberglass tank is in Europe.
      As for how long will the fiberglass tank last – a long time. Fiberglass is the answer.
      There is no corrosion at all with the tank or case. The only thing that would shorten the lifespan is sun damage (which will still take a couple decades) – a simple sunbrella cover will take care of this.
      Lastly, since I sailed in and was in Mazatlan in the fall of 2010, they are not going to be available anywhere there. There is one distributor for all of North America and no one in Central and South America. We do ship to Mexico (and 174 other countries).

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