PRI Fuel Treatment, Additive & Stabilizer is available for both gasoline engines as PRI-G and diesel applications as PRI-D. The unique formula can be used in marine engines, RV’s and other fuel situations. With more than 40 years of research and usage, PRI, Power Research Inc is a product that accomplishes just three things for diesel and gasoline fuels (and by extension, in those engines):

1. PRI is a Fuel Stabilizer and Restorer.

2. PRI removes trapped moisture that modern fuels promote.

3. PRI reduces carbon particulate size.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc.

 PRI is the industry leader at restoring old stale fuels. PRI can produce usable gasoline and diesel fuels from the worst storage conditions. Independent laboratory tests have tested 10-13 year old fuels that were restored with PRI and found them returned to usable condition. Treat just once a year for year after year use.

PRI will emulsify and absorb small amounts of water from fuel. While not able to clean water contaminated fuel that has large amounts of water, it does prevent alcohol phase separation. PRI prevents corrosion in the tank as well as everywhere fuel flows and contains asolutely no alcohol.

PRI reduces carbon buildup in small engines, reduces carbon in the exhaust and maintains the carbon size to less than .010 microns. Cleaner burning with less particulates means that engines stay clean on the inside as well as the outside.

PRI marginally increases the octane in gasoline and increases the cetane (diesel) rating by 1-2 points. PRI-D is suitable for diesel #1, diesel #2, kerosene, home heating oil, ULS diesel, marine diesel and marine gas oil. PRI-G is suitable for all octane ratings of gasoline. Although they are formulated for specific fuels, using PRI-D in a gasoline engine (or vice veras) will cause no harm.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc.

Testimonials often have some value, but these unique testimonials will have you thinking that this ‘witches brew’ is one that deserves to be added to your current tank of fuel.

Diesel Smoke Control – Bob White with his 38′ Bertram “Island Time” had a problem. The real challenge was how to get two stroke 6-71 Detroit Diesels, which are known for their smoking, to stop being so dirty. PRI-D solves this problem because it works as a carbon breaker; it never allows clumps of carbon to form in the engine or exhaust larger than .010 microns. That means that smoke is far less visible and that the transom stays cleaner (and is easier to clean!). – Motorboating Magazine, May 2001.

Fresh Fuel – How old is your fuel? If your fuel is stored for longer than a season, it starts to degrade. Howard Freilich the owner of Qescorp Inc. had a unique problem. They run a recycling business, from saw blades to fuel – that’s right, fuel. Qescorp has tested PRI-G added to 15 year old fuel from salvage yards. One quart of PRI-G mixed well with 300 gallons of fuel, then left to stand for 48 hours resulted in a usable fuel that complies with the fuel specifications of all engine manufacturers. – New York Times Upfront, Summer 2007.

E-10 Fuel – Call it Gasohol or Ethanol mix / blend or just E10, it is here to stay. Ethanol is added to gas and it reduces dangerous emissions (good) and is hydroscopic (bad). Ethanol is so good at attracting moisture, like condensation, that when it gets saturated, it simple drops the water (which is called phase separation) which then sinks to the bottom of the tank while alcohol continues to attract more water! PRI-G is a non-alcohol fuel stabilizer (alcohol attracts water!) that functions as a carbon dispersant as well. It keeps outboards running clean. – Boat Digest

‘Servicing’ Older OutboardsPRI-G is essential to maintaining your older outboard in “just serviced” condition. After electrical issues, fuel is a close second. When added to your tank and run through the outboard, PRI-G can make a noticable difference in smooth running and will preserve the parts that the fuel runs through; the carb and fuel pump. When you service your engine, service your fuel! – Motorboating Magazine, January 2002.

Keeping Out The Water – Because “future fuels” like E-10 are here now, the choices of fuel additives has grown on the market. One of the most common (and affordable) component of fuel additives is alcohol. When added to fuel, alcohol makes the fuel burn cleaner, with a 1.5% loss in mpg. Alcohol has undesirable characteristics of being hydroscopic (attracting water) as well as being a potent solvent, additionally, most gas additives were designed for the automotive industry and are not for marine use.  – Saltwater Fly Fishing, Dec 2006/Jan 2007.

Diesel Fuel Oil – The Tennesse Valley Authority had a problem, a big problem; they had 1.8 million gallons of bad fuel. The PAD (Petroleum Administration for Defense) rating was a high of 17, making the fuel unusable. The fuel was fully treated with PRI-D and then retested. The fuel was now at a PAD of 3, fully meeting TVA specifications. – Recyclers Power Source.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc. Outboard Gas – An outboard is only as good as it’s gas. Some fuels gum up quicker, some age faster and some build up more carbon. Adding PRI-G to your tank prevents gumming of the fuel, contamination of the carburetor and build-up of carbon that causes these small work horses to falter. Carbon build-up is a hidden killer of these engines. When too much carbon accumulates, the rings are pushed higher and higher (called “ring jacking”). The increased friction between the rings and cylinders causes elevated temperatures, accelerated wear and ultimately, power head failure. PRI-G dramatically reduces carbon build-up by reducing the size of the carbon cluster.  – Field and Stream, September 2000.

Go2marine carries PRI-D, PRI-G and PRI-OCIDE.

Did you know…Go2marine sells complete boat steering systems as well as steering parts to build your own system or repair your existing  system? Whether you are looking for helm pumps, steering cylinders or rebuild kits, you will find that we carry a large selection of  Teleflex, Hynautics, Vetus, Uflex, Wagner parts to finish or maintain your vessel.

SeaStar Hydraulic Outboard Steering System

SeaStar Hydraulic Outboard Steering System

Teleflex offers the BayStar Hydraulic Steering System that is ideal for small boats, including inflatables and runabouts with small to medium single outboard powered engines to 125 horsepower.  This system comes complete with everything needed for an install.   For single and twin nonpower-assisted outboard engines up to 300HP, cruisers, runabouts, offshore fishing boats, the SeaStar No FeedBack, Hydraulic Steering System is an industry standard. Suitable for speeds up to 60MPH. For more information about SeaStar Steering, visit Teleflex http://ww2.seastarsteering.com

If you have any questions about purchasing a hydraulic steering system, don’t hesistate to contact our Go2marine Engine Specialists at 1-800-998-9508.

Go2marine carries ClearView Ragasco fiberglass lpg propane cylinders…

ClearView Ragasco fiberglass propane tanks are perfect for many outdoor activities. A customer called us recently to request a set of these propane tanks. The use was unique, but not rare; the customer was looking for a better, less expensive LPG cylinder than an aluminum propane tank. His designated purpose for the clear view propane tank was for horse packing, to be used when leading overnight trips. The corroded steel tanks that had been banging around in pack boxes were to be replaced with rugged fiberglass tanks that were lighter and corrosion resistant.

Attractive, Easy to see the level of fuel and Ruggedly built make this propane tank perfect for many outdoor activities.

Clear View Fiberglass Propane Tanks, 10 & 20 Pound Gallon Tanks

Primary benefits of the Clear View Fiberglass Propane Tank by Ragasco are:

  • Lightweight – 50% lighter than steel
  • Translucent tank always shows the volume of fuel
  • Rugged – on par with metal tanks in safety tests
  • Corrosion proof
  • Quiet, no banging metal

The Clear View fiberglass propane tanks are made in 2 useful sizes, 3 and 5 gallons. The uses for this tank can be found with many Overland or Eco-tour companies, including:

  • Commercial river rafting
  • Horse packing and guiding
  • Jetboat and airboat tours
  • Large sea kayak trips
  • Desert excursions
  • Sailing and power boating
  • Overland vehicle tours
  • Teardrop and vintage trailers
  • Field camp support
  • Fly-in fishing and hunting camps
  • as well as powering propane campfires on Eco-tours in sensitive areas

So, whether you have a Yurt with a stove or a boat with a BBQ, these tanks will make things just a little bit easier!

The Latest Progress in Maintaining your Diesel Fuel.

No more dockside fuel polishing costing hundreds of dollars. Polish your fuel, all the time, every tank full, every day.

Go2marine works hard to keep your hard working engines running smoothly. The FPM-50 is the latest addition in list of products that help control, filter, kill or trap the bacteria that lives in the water moisture found in diesel fuel…

The FPM-50 Fuel Polishing Module  is a small, 12v diesel fuel polisher that runs on minimal electricity requirements, 24 hours a day; Consuming less than 2 watts while polishing 50 gallons of fuel, every day.

Fuel Polishing Module, Clean, Prevent Fuel System Contamination

Fuel Polishing Module, Clean, Prevent Fuel System Contamination

The Issue

The daily buildup of condensation in a diesel fuel system can lead to fuel contamination through bacteria growth. Parker’s new patent pending Fuel Polishing Module (FPM-050) combats the daily accumulation of water in diesel fuel systems, preventing corrosion and other system problems. Parker’s FPM-050 is optimized to remove emulsified water from the fuel system, preventing common fuel issues and maximizing the effectiveness of current filters.

How it Works

As diesel fuel warms through engine use or the daily heat of the sun, its natural capacity to absorb water increases, dissolving and dispersing a percentage of any water in the tank. When the fuel cools, this dissolved water desorbs into a bacteria-harboring emulsified suspension. By flowing the fuel gently over many hours, the FPM-050 maximizes your filter’s ability to separate this difficult-to-remove emulsion and filter out particulate.


The compact and lightweight design of the FPM-050 makes installation into the fuel system easy. The included mounting bracket secures the unit in place using standard screws. Fuel connections to the module are made using standard sized NPTF-type threaded ports, which are easily connected to fuel lines by standard crimp-on or barbed fittings.

The design also incorporates an automatic full-flow bypass valve. The auto bypass valve means there’s no need to use a manual valve to switch between polishing your fuel and using your engine.

Parker designed the system to meet the requirements of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards pertaining to diesel fuel systems (H-33) and onboard electronics (E-11).

Installation of the FPM-50

Installation of the FPM-50

Features and Benefits

  • Provides maximum fuel system reliability by removing entrained moisture and accumulated contaminants.
  • Keeps fuel dry, promoting a bacteria-free environment and preventing contaminant build-up.
  • Reduces the need for expensive fuel treatments and additives.
  • Uses patent-pending, solid state pump technology, consuming only 150 mA, minimizing battery drain and enabling continuous fuel maintenance.
  • Can be run from a small solar panel.
  • Allows for fuel maintenance during engine down time and off-season storage.
  • Easy to install and operate; incorporates automatic, full-flow bypass valve, eliminating the need for manual switching.