A Marine Hose for All Uses* – Armada SW569

December 15, 2009

Armada Multi-Purpose Marine Wire Reinforced Hose, Fuel, Wet Exhaust, Coolant & Internal Non-potable Water, SW569Parker Hannifin’s new marine Armada Hose supplied by Go2marine is truly an all around, use anywhere hose.

Armada Hose is available from 1/2″ to 6″ and may be used for*: bilge pump intake and discharge, bilge ventilation, cabin heating, coolant and radiator service, gasoline and diesel fuel systems, lubrication systems, wet exhaust systems, internal non-potable water systems – galleys, drains, toilet and bath connections.

The unique construction of Armada Hose consists of two textile plies with dual wire helix acting as the matrix for the specially compounded black nitrile.

Unique Features Include:

  • Diesel, gas and fuel oil compatible
  • Rated for full suction / vacuum of working pressure without crushing
  • Can be used in wet exhaust systems
  • Compatible with antifreeze and coolants

Armada Hose is the superior replacement for Thermoid 7910 Bellowsflex A hose.

Go2marine can supply Armada hose by the foot or the roll (1/2″ – 3-7/8″ in 50′ rolls, 4″ and up in 25′ rolls).

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