Question: What if I can’t find the cover that describes my boat?

February 25, 2010


When shopping for a custom fit boat cover, if the description does not exactly match your boat, you may have to choose a semi-custom boat cover. These  covers tend to be less expensive and are often made from the same fabrics as custom boat covers. You will need to know the general shape of the boat (e.g. bay fisherman or a v-hull shaped boat), plus the dimensions of the beam and length of the boat. To do this:

  • Measure your boat’s centerline length (straight measurement from bow to stern) NOTE: Do not measure up and over the windshield, this is a straight line measurement.
  •  Measure your boat’s beam (at its widest point, usually near mid-ship). Do not select a boat cover unless the description exactly matches the year, make, model and any additional significant description of your boat.

Unless otherwise stated, boat covers will not fit modified boats with aftermarket accessories or boats with t-tops, ski/wakeboard towers or radar arches. If you have some doubt here, please contact the boat cover fitting specialists at Go2marine.com (800-998-9508). The cover may be available, but not posted on  the Go2marine web site.

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