New Regulatory Buoys Help Fairfield Comply with State Directives

May 27, 2010

Traditional Swimming Area Markers

New Regulatory Buoys Help Fairfield Comply with State Directives

Over the next several years, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and local officials in Fairfield will be working to replace the original round buoys at the town’s beaches that do not meet state regulations.

Gerald Lombardo, director of the town’s Parks & Recreation Commission, said that the town has purchased 10 white and orange cylindrical buoys to begin replacing the old ones. The buoys must also be filled with polyurethane foam with enough weight and buoyancy to be stable and remain above the water’s surface.

Regulatory Buoys

In accordance with the new regulations, the white buoys have silver reflective strip at the top and a 3-inch international reflective band at both the top and bottom. Regulatory buoy labels depict the international orange symbol of a diamond with a cross inside to indicate the boundaries of a swimming area, says the Connecticut Post.

Taylor Made regulatory buoys measure up to the strict requirements of Connecticut State and others. The buoys may be fitted with a variety of near twenty Sur-Mark regulatory buoy labels. The Sur-Mark White Can may also have reflective tape and a strobe to aid in night-time use.

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