How do you know when your Trim and Tilt Motor needs to be replaced?

June 1, 2010

Three Wire Tilt & Trim Motor

When boaters experience problems with their power Trim and Tilt Motors, the first step is diagnosing the cause of the trouble. Captains will have to determine if the issue is with the power Trim and Tilt Motor, the Hydraulic Pump Valve Body assembly or in the 12 volt power system.

First confirm that there is power to your Tilt and Trim motor and that you have enough power to do the work. Check the battery voltage and the connections of all the electrical wires.

All power trim motors use a 12 volt DC reversing motor and contain both a blue and green wire. The blue wire raises the motor when energized, while the green one lowers the drive unit. Some systems also have a black wire, which functions as a ground on units that don’t ground through the case.

Two Wire Tilt & Trim, Motor w/ Reservoir

To diagnose a Trim and Tilt Motor error, use a jumper wire to apply 12 volts to the blue or green wire, which should cause the drive unit to rise or fall, respectively. If the motor runs, the problem is likely an issue with a solenoid or a lack of voltage from the power Trim and Tilt switch to the solenoid.

If the power Trim and Tilt Motor doesn’t run after the diagnostic procedure, a replacement motor is needed. Often, replacement Power Trim and Tilt Motors include a kit to convert three-wire systems to a more powerful two-wire unit.

Visit Replacing Power Trim and Tilt Systems to aid in trouble shooting and the common problems with power tilt and trim systems.

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