Installing a Marine Manifold on your Boat

June 4, 2010

Log style marine exhaust manifold w/ installation hardware

As one of the many parts of a boat, a boat engine contains a marine exhaust manifold and risers that are usually made of cast iron, to dispense exhaust from its cylinders. Because wear and tear, high velocity internal exhaust, and corrosion caused by salt water can lower the life expectancy of a manifold, boaters may occasionally need to install a replacement.

On average, manifolds last for about 8 to 10 years, though their durability is dependent on engine use. Manifolds and risers that are used in saltwater can wear down in just three years, while those used in freshwater can run for as long as 20 years.

When installing new risers, it is recommended that boaters replace both risers at the same time. Because most risers do not come with gaskets, captains may need to purchase these products separately.

Installing a new manifold can be more time-consuming, as bolts are likely to be rusted and difficult to remove. Conversion manifold kits can be purchased to replace the boat’s original equipment. The kit comes with parts to replace both sides of the engine, as parts are not interchangeable.

To cut down on the number of times you’ll need to install a replacement marine manifold, it is recommended that you habitually flush the engine and manifold to extend the lifespan of each.

Visit Replacing Marine Manifolds and Risers for more information on why manifolds and risers fail.

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