Rocking the Boat - Spring 2010

15 years ago the Rocking the Boat volunteer project began as a way to offer teens in South Bronx hope for a better future through creating – then using a boat they built with their own hands. “I get to say [I’m] still in my first job out of college, which is kind of fun,” jokes the founder Adam Green, now 37.

There is weeklong concentration and training period of just using the tools to build the boats before any construction begins, as reported to Stephanie Lin for NBCNewyork.com. It takes 16 students 13 weeks to complete a single boat, from the raw wood and parts to a finished hull ready for the water.

Since August 1998 over 400 students from more than 40 different high schools have been involved in building 22 traditional wooden boats. The program highlights diversity form one of the nations poorest inner city areas. Boys and girls participate in equal numbers, and represent Latino, African-American, West Indian, Indian, Asian, South American, and African cultures. They are drawn mostly from the Bronx but also Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

In March, Rocking the Boat officially opened its new 6,000 square foot building in Hunts Point. There is a continued interest in boatbuilding and the opportunity it brings for personal growth and accomplishment.

Although Go2marine did not supply parts to the Rocking the Boat organization, we support special interest groups similar to Rocking the Boat. Go2marine supplies 1000’s of boatbuilders and owners each year with parts and support for projects ranging from non-profit groups to father/son activities to vessel repower and rebuild ventures. With over 170,000 boat parts, ranging from both powerboat and sailboat parts to complete engines and drive systems, there is something for nearly any boater.

Rocking the Boat, boat building project in the Bronx is unique and offers hope and skills that end up on the water and in peoples lives; this is certainly a case of when the boat is more than just a sum of the parts that make it up.