Boat Lift Canopies are Solid Investments

While boaters love cruising on the open water, avid boating enthusiasts also care about their vessel when it’s in storage. After all, a person’s boat is their baby!

One of the most important purchases a boater can make is a boat lift canopy. The cover provides shelter for your vessel and protects it from the harsh effects of the sun, wind and rain. If your boat cracks or peels, you’re certainly not going to be happy – and you’re going to lose money from your investment.

There are three main boat lift canopy fabrics from which to choose. For starters, CoverTuff Vinyl is a heavy-duty single-layer material. It’s not only an affordable option, but easy to clean and UV resistant.

For boaters looking for a bit more durability from a canopy fabric, Harbor-Time Fabric is a fantastic choice. The material is a waterproof, high-woven style of polyester coated in acrylic. It’s also resistant to UV rays and mildew.

One of the most highly recommended choices in boat canopy material is SeaMark Marine Fabric. This special product combines Sunbrella and Haartz marine-grade vinyl – the result is an incredibly durable boat cover canopy. This choice is ideal for those in harsh climates.

Overall, boat canopies are worth every penny. Boaters need to know that their beloved vessel is being protected when they’re not around!

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