Serious about Barbequing?

August 6, 2010

Galleymate Marine Barbeques

This August is hosting the 50th Brisbane Boat Show in Australia. One of the product gems of this show is the Galleymate BBQ and its designer Andrew McGowan.

From the Blue Skies to the Deep Blue

Having spent 20 years maintaining and repairing some of the most sophisticated equipment as an  air-force engineer in Australia, Andrew McGowan, decided to follow another passion – barbecuing – “The” Australian passion. Cooking on a boat with the ‘barbie’ has been taken to a professional level.

For the past 16 years, the inventor and business owner of Marine Barbecues, has invented and manufactured a line of outdoor marine cooking appliances for boaters around the world.

As reported in the Couriermail.com.au, Andrew McGowan offers, “It’s not the first thing people think of when planning any kind of ocean journey, but the catering side of boating is as vital as any other. We’ve had to pretty much reinvent the ‘wheel’ by using wind proof designs and materials that can withstand the wet and salty conditions.” This BBQ extends the cooking area when entertaining a visiting crew or crowd and frees up galley room below.

McGowan’s designs have already become the chosen flavour of leading North American boat builders with the orders piling up. Even Australian celebrities are queuing for his barbies; Steve Irwin bought one, Pat Rafter swears by them and former rugby league star Andrew Ettinghausen is a huge fan.

Iceberg Alley, Antarctica ‘Team Mowbray’ - Expedition 2006-7

Built for the Harshest Environments

The 2010 Brisbane Boat Show states that around the world sailing adventurer, Tony Mowbray, is also an advocate. “You have to be able to trust your equipment when taking on long journeys and extreme conditions. It’s peace of mind to know you don’t have to worry about how to prepare food. The barbecue I have on my own boat (Ocean 60 Schooner ‘Commitment’) has been around Cape Horn 19 times and it’s even been to the Antarctic 20 times!”. While most of us enjoy a back yard sizzle, it’s a completely different kettle of fish to cook your catch in rolling seas with 40 knot winds and in temperatures down to -40 degrees!

Award Winning Construction

Andrew’s designs are an Australian first and are now sold in over 20 countries around the world. Apart from their durable materials and wind proof design, he’s also added see-through panels to ensure that while boat captains may endure the harshest of conditions, they can still be a master chef. This barbeque is really a mini kitchen that can roast, grill and barbecue. Additionally, many of the designs easily fit onto boat rod holders. With the accessories available, the choice of what and how you cook is nearly unlimited.

Last year, Andrew’s design won the National Hunter Manufacturers Award title for “Excellence in Product Design”.

The award winning design of the Galleymate Barbeque is available in North America from Go2marine.

Galleymates Marine Barbeques - 1100, 1500, 2000, 3500


Go2marine carries ClearView Ragasco fiberglass lpg propane cylinders…

ClearView Ragasco fiberglass propane tanks are perfect for many outdoor activities. A customer called us recently to request a set of these propane tanks. The use was unique, but not rare; the customer was looking for a better, less expensive LPG cylinder than an aluminum propane tank. His designated purpose for the clear view propane tank was for horse packing, to be used when leading overnight trips. The corroded steel tanks that had been banging around in pack boxes were to be replaced with rugged fiberglass tanks that were lighter and corrosion resistant.

Attractive, Easy to see the level of fuel and Ruggedly built make this propane tank perfect for many outdoor activities.

Clear View Fiberglass Propane Tanks, 10 & 20 Pound Gallon Tanks

Primary benefits of the Clear View Fiberglass Propane Tank by Ragasco are:

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  • Quiet, no banging metal

The Clear View fiberglass propane tanks are made in 2 useful sizes, 3 and 5 gallons. The uses for this tank can be found with many Overland or Eco-tour companies, including:

  • Commercial river rafting
  • Horse packing and guiding
  • Jetboat and airboat tours
  • Large sea kayak trips
  • Desert excursions
  • Sailing and power boating
  • Overland vehicle tours
  • Teardrop and vintage trailers
  • Field camp support
  • Fly-in fishing and hunting camps
  • as well as powering propane campfires on Eco-tours in sensitive areas

So, whether you have a Yurt with a stove or a boat with a BBQ, these tanks will make things just a little bit easier!