Mooring Buoy Systems are Perfect Alternatives to Docking

There is more than one way to secure your boat, for ready use, during the summer season. Some boaters prefer mooring over docking while leaving their vessels in the water.

There are three component parts to a mooring system. The first is an anchor, which is used to secure the mooring to the bottom. This ground tackle can be a screw, weight (concrete block), mushroom or traditional anchor.

The second part of a mooring system is a chain with shackles that connects the anchor to the mooring float.

Lastly all that is visible on the water is the mooring buoy. The floating buoy or mooring is what the boat is secured to.

Also, boaters should consider purchasing a mooring buoy collar to protect the buoy from damage. The collar protects mooring buoys from anchor chain wear and tear, while prolonging the life of the buoy. With a properly constructed and installed mooring system, your boat will be right where you left it.

Boaters should take their time when choosing the right mooring equipment. In the end, you don’t want to land yourself in hot water!

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