Tying Your Fender to the Boat – The Alternatives

Boaters know that fenders are vital to avoiding dents and scratches during docking. To be as effective as possible, fenders need to be easily adjustable so that in crowded marinas your boat will be ready for docking.

Boat owners should pay close attention to the way they attach fenders to their boat, and search for options that will make it quick and easy to move a boat fender up or down as the water level or dock height requires. Taylor Made manufactures efficient fender adjusters and there are many options available.

One popular way to attach fenders to the rail of a water craft is with a Tidy Up Fender Adjuster. These pieces of equipment are made for boats with rails up to two inches wide and ropes up to half-an-inch in diameter. Tidy Ups make it a cinch to quickly bring a fender up or down to the level required.

Another option is a rail mount fender hanger. These are ideal for rails that are a bit smaller – between seven-eighths of an inch to one inch in diameter.

At the marina, it’s important that a boat has enough fenders to prevent contact with the dock. When docking, make sure to hang a minimum of three fenders at the amidships cleat, as well as towards the stern and bow along the rail. If your boat is over 30’, is used while rafting, or at a weather exposed dock, more fenders are needed for optimal protection.

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