Stowing Boat Fenders is Important While Underway

Every boater knows that fenders are useful when the vessel is docked. The fender protects your boat by acting as a cushion between your vessel and other boats, the dock, or a pier.

However, where do boaters store their fender after they launch? Experienced boaters know that it’s extremely important to pull the fenders aboard when their boat is underway. Leaving the fenders over the side once beyond the marina can result in the loss of a fender while the boat is moving, as well as making one look like a novice on the water. The challenge for many boaters is locating a place to store their fenders on-board while underway.

Most boaters need to carry up to six fenders while away from the dock. Many individuals choose to keep them below decks in a cabin or berth. Fenders can also be stored out of the way, on deck, or in a cockpit locker, lazaret, or near the stern.

For power boaters, a rather simple solution is available for stowing sausage fenders. Boaters can stash their fenders without hassle on a fender rack that attaches to the forward rail. Taylor Made produces a stainless steel boat fender rack that can hold these sausage style fenders.

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