pompacEven though the season is cooling off, it is a great time to install a built in, ‘central air’ style Pompanette Air System for your boat. These systems will help cool your boat in the summer AND heat your boat in the winter in water temperatures of 45 F or better. Go2marine is proud to offer these custom air systems that are specifically designed and fitted to each boat.

Because each system needs some custom installation, the winter season is the right time to have the work done. Go2marine is here to make chosing the correct system easy for you with our enquiry form.

Pompanette Air Conditioners feature:

  • Vibration absorbing chassis design, using state of the art composites
  • Energy absorbing insulators, to reduce the “White Noise” of Air Conditioning
  • Quiet Rotary compressors
  • Ultra-High Efficiency enhanced surface air coils
  • Exclusive and patent pending condensate management system
  • Cupro-Nickel sea water Condensing Coil / Heat Exchanger
  • Pre-Wired meeting or exceeding the latest industry criteria

Before they leave the factory, each unit is individually tested to exacting standards.

Go2marine is pleased to announce the addition of the Sevylor line of towables to their site. Plus, for a limited time, some of the most popular inflatable items are now on sale.

See Sevylor at Go2marine.

Known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of high quality, innovative designs for fun on the water and snow. Sevylor has been manufacturing inflatable boats & kayaks, towables and other fun inflatables from pool lounges to snow sleds for over 60 years.

In 1948 in a city suburb of Vitry, France, an electronics engineer established a company called “Societe Electronique de Vitry, “Sevy” for short. While their main product was electrical accessories, Sevylor set up a unit to use their “high-frequency” welding machines to manufacture PVC consumer goods.

Creation of a small inflatable bathtub named the “Dou Dou” in post-war France brought rave reviews. It was portable, convenient, practical, easy to clean, durable and more affordable than wood and metal.

Sevylor Boats

Quickly outgrowing their facilities, they moved to Buhl, located in the Alsace region of Eastern France near the German border. Once these headquarters were established, the letters “l’or” (French for gold) were added to the name and they began expanding into boats, inflatable pools, pumps, valves and other water toys.

U.S. distribution began in 1959 when Kayak Corporation of America signed an exclusive agreement to sell directly to the public at sport shows and other events. Sevylor developed the first camping mattress, which was sold exclusively through Neiman Marcus.

Sevylor makes history in 1962 with the creation of the inflatable pool mattress with a headrest and circular pockets.

In 1972 Sevylor bought Kayak Corp. and created Sevylor U.S.A. Inc., and development exclusively for the US market began. The Zodiac Group took over Sevylor and all its subsidiaries in 1981.

Ski Bob

The creation of the “Ski Bob” in 1986 marked the beginning of the entire towables business.

Now a part of the Stearns Inc. family, all of Sevylor’s products are high quality and feature construction and materials engineered for safety and long life.