How do you choose from the wide array of windlasses on the market?

Important criteria to be considered in selecting the correct anchor windlass include the vessel size, displacement, windage, anchor size and rode selection. Practicalities such as locker space and depth of fall for the rode also play a part in deciding which windlass is ideal for you. Your windlass choice will likely be based on the following questions;

What size windlass will suit my boat?
What is your power source for the windlass?
Choosing the windlass design
I want to use chain and rope rode for anchoring, what do I need to consider?
What else do I have to consider?

The world of windlasses is changing. Electric windlasses have made manual windlasses nearly obsolete. The reliability of electric windlasses is now so high as to be considered for long distance cruising and nightly anchoring. Go2marine has the answers to the above questions to help you select the windlass that is right for you and your vessel.