H.O. Bostrom Seats smooth out the ride!

Fishermen, recreational boaters, commercial operators and passengers just along for the ride, may have a variety of expectations, purposes and uses for boat seats. Marine seats must be able to withstand the salt water, harsh weather, rough waves and the sun’s UV rays. In addition, the mounting system of these seats must endure through a number of stresses that it is exposed to while in motion. 

Boaters shopping for a seat at the helm may consider H.O. Bostrom’s SeaPost Marine Pilot Helm Seat, which offers ergonomic support for comfort and complete adjustability. As opposed to traditional console seats, which offer three inches of height adjustment, the marine helm seat offers six inches of travel. In addition, a standard fold-up footrest is available with three height positions. 

SeaPost Pacifica Seat, w/ Torsion 380 Mechanical Suspension

The SeaPost Pacifica Seat with Torsion 380 mechanical suspension differentiates itself with a shock-absorbing pedestal system that can preserve a captain’s comfort over rough seas and can support operators weighing up to 275 pounds. Like many of H.O. Bostrom’s marinized seats, this model is composed of internal padding covered in a urethane skin that will not absorb water. 

Finally, the SeaPost Boat seat is durable and long-lasting; it comes with a 5 year manufacture warranty.

H.O. Bostrom Fabric Choices

Boat seat fabrics are available in a wide range of fabric types and colors. The boat seat manufacturer H.O. Bostrom offers Durawear, Vinyl and Cloth Fabrics, while Bentley’s Marine Seating provides sixteen different colors of Vinyl Naugahyde fabric.

H.O. Bostrom’s Durawear is a strong fabric that is highly resistant to fraying and wear over time. This fabric is coated with PVC on the backside, making the seats waterproof and distinguishing the material from other boat seat fabrics. The material has a superior thread density, weight, strength and resistance to surface abrasion than most other fabrics that are certified by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Vinyl covered seats w/ suspension

Vinyl boat seats feature a surface that is easily cleanable and resistant to stains and abrasion. While this fabric is not as tough as Durawear, it boasts an improved water resistance over other type’s seat materials. Cloth fabric used in marine seats offers the rider cooler comfort in hot climates, sacrificing some waterproof and durability characteristics.

The variety of colors of genuine Naugahyde that Bentley’s Marine Seating offers allows boaters to tastefully coordinate the look of their boat seats with their vessel’s marine gel coats and carpeting. Naugahyde has a reputation for durability and long lasting colors with superior waterproofness.

If you’re looking to reupholster seats in older boats, consider exploring Bentley’s options, as the fabrics are likely to match the look and feel of the original vintage sea craft seats. If you commonly take your boat in wet environments, Durawear or Vinyl seats will be the right choice.