Boat Parts – New for 2011

January 27, 2011

The boating industry, although changed by the new economy, continues to initiate improved and innovative products and boat parts for 2011.

Lasdrop Dual Injection Port Dripless Shaft Seal

Lasdrop Dripless Shaft Seal

Lasdrop has added duel injection ports for their entire product line of shaft seals over 1-1/8″. Dual injection ports can also be fitted to smaller shafts. The primary reason for this change? To accommodate dual engines for a situation when one engine is shutdown, but the other is still being used to ‘get home’. Water will still be able to cycle through the seal of the still turning shaft to keep it cool from either engine to either shaft seal. For those boats with just one shaft, don’t worry, the Lasdrop kit also comes complete with a block off plug. This easy to ignore boat part now lasts longer and is made more reliable.  Additionally, all installation hardware is now included.

QNP Light Commercial Safe-T-Puller

QPNW Crab and Shrimp Pot Pullers

These pot pullers are designed for serious recreational and commercial use with four improved electric models. The Light Commercial pot hauler is built to pull in 300 pound pots all day and features new cooling fins on the 2.1 HP motor to insure long life. All of the Safe-T-Puller pot haulers now include a factory installed roller-fairlead and quick-detach kit. The Safe-T-Hauler includes roller-fairlead, swivel block and 3-piece davit w/SS quick-release pins. Quality Products Northwest continues to build pot pullers as it has for more than a decade and a half; making improvements to offer long service life for the fishing industry.

Glendinning Pro-X Control Cables

Glendinning Control Cables

Although not entirely new on the scene with marine products and boat parts, Glendinning introduced the Pro-X Control Cables just a couple of years back. The Pro-X control cables are designed for high performance operation with a minimum loss of motion and almost no resistant forces. What this means for the recreational and commercial user is simply a long-lasting low friction, high performance control cable to replace original Morse or Teleflex fitted cables. Control cables are available in the popular 33C configuration as well as Mercury, OMC, Gen I, Gen II, BRP, Johnson, Evinrude Style, 43 C/BC, 64 C/BC and more.

Teleflex Control Cables

August 28, 2009

Go2marine carries a complete line of Teleflex control cables for most applications, including vintage Morse cables. Teleflex Incorporated is a diversified global company supplying research and goods to Medical, Aerospace, Commercial and the Marine market sectors.

Teleflex control cables are the current replacement for traditional Morse 33c cables that fit operational Morse controls. Whether you are outfitting the controls on an inboard or outboard, Telflex cables are the industry standard. Beyond the 33c control cables, there are cables for both Mercury / Mercuiser as well as 1979 and newer Johnson Evinrude. Control cables are available as either “General Controls Cables“, which will satisfy the needs of many boat operaters or the  “TFXTREME Control Cables” which are used on performance, commercial and military vessels.

General Controls Cables

  • Available in varies quality, from Standard to Supreme
  • 3300 / 33c fit Morse, Teleflex and many other manufacturers controls
  • Mercury, Mercuiser cables available for standard Mercury controls and Mercury Gen II
  • Johnson Evinrude cables fit 1979 to current, (adapter available for pre 1979)
  • Cables available in 1 foot increments
  • Quality built for most environmental applications
Teleflex General Control Cables from Go2marine

Teleflex General Control Cables from Go2marine

TFXTREME Controls Cables

  • Built to survive in the harshest environmental conditions
  • Unique splined core construction
  • Maximum performance with no lost motion
  • Cables available in 1 foot increments
  • Excellent for long cable runs
  • Available for most 33c, Mercury / Mercuiser and Johnson Evinrude applications
TFXTREME Control Cables at Go2marine

TFXTREME Control Cables at Go2marine

How to measure your replacement cable

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