RAIV (Rigid Aluminum Inflatable Vessel)

In late April, U.S. Navy officials test drove a new boat along the coast of Charleston, Oregon, in preparation for delivering the watercraft for military use. Jay Conn, the general manager of North River Boats of Roseburg said via TheWorldLink.com, “that a sea test is a standard procedure before delivering vessels to the Navy”.

“It’s been a long project,” Conn told the news source. “Basically, it’s coming to a close and we’re preparing it for delivery.” The boat, a hybrid rigid aluminum inflatable vessel (RAIV), is called a force protection vessel in the military and contains inflatable or foam fender collars.

Sausage Fenders

Recreational boats do not have a surrounding foam filled collar, as a force protection vessel would; personal pleasure craft require fenders for protection against abrasions.

Fenders that attach to the rail of a water craft help boat owners avoid scratches or damage while docking and help fend boats off of other objects. Sausage fenders, which commonly hang vertically from the side of the boat, are the most easily stored in racks or lockers. 
generally offer more space between your vessel and the foreign object for increased safety.

Round Fenders

Round fenders generally offer more space between your vessel and the foreign object for increased safety.

To protect your vessel while at dock, during rafting or while your own crew boards from the tender, use fenders as a buffer to keep your vessel looking new. Taylor Made produces a variety of colors and types of fenders to meet docking and rafting needs.

Wesmar Thrusters Stainless Steel Dual Prop

Wesmar Thrusters Stainless Steel Dual Prop

Wesmar Bow and Stern Thrusters are an all stainless steel design. A low maintenance design is assured with polished stainless props, stainless steel casings and stainless steel seal and bearing carriers. Wesmar’s Bow and Stern thrusters are designed for low maintenance with extremely rugged and reliable operation, more thrust from the motor horsepower, easy of retrofitting or upgrading as well as precise operator control.

Wesmar’s new line of all stainless steel double propeller bow and stern thrusters is based on over 40 years experience in the ocean. From luxury yachts to commercial fishing vessels, some working in midwinter Arctic and Antarctic waters, Wesmar has been manufacturing rugged, reliable bow and stern thrusters.


Wesmar Thrusters for Power Boats

Wesmar Thrusters for Power Boats

Wesmar’s Customer Satisfaction Report is available as a PDF. From mega yachts to work vessels to tour boats.

Wesmar Thrusters for Commercial Vessels

Wesmar Thrusters for Commercial Vessels

Wesmars counter rotating dual propeller thrusters design was invented by Wesmar. The counter rotating propellers provide 40% more thrust from the same tunnel and input power over a single propeller design.

Wesmar Thruster are available from Go2marine in Direct Drive DC and Hydraulic Drives. Special orders can be fitted with Proportional DC Drive, AC Electric Drive and fitted for Central Hydraulics.

Direct Drive DC Electronic – (6 to 12 inch Thrusters), Two motor sizes with standard solenoid switch on/off control.

Hydraulic Drive – with load sense pumps, piston motors, proportional control valves, high and low pressure filtering, various sensing devices and a variety of tanks to fit vessels space requirements.

Wesmar Thrusters are available from 5 to 350 Horsepower and from 6″ to 42″ propellers for vessels from 25 to 250+ feet. Custom orders are available. Contact Go2marine to discuss your application.