Blue Sea Systems continues to be a leading manufacturer of electrical panels and electrical components for boaters; whether building new or refitting your boat. Go2marine supplies electrical products for powerboats or sailboats as well as commercial and fishing vessels.

The Blue Sea name is synonymous with quality marine electrical products. There is a crafted Blue Sea marine electrical distribution panel to fit every need. Panels are available in AC (alternating current, 110 volts), DC (direct current, 12 volts), a combination of AC/DC as well as waterproof DC panels. As years have gone by, boats have increased in their electrical complexity with the addition of GPS, computers, LED lights and other systems. Blue Seas panels help the average boat owner when doing an electrical panel replacement or installation. Benefits include increased electrical safety as well as updating the panel for the demand in modern electrical use.

AC Electrical Distribution Panels:

DC Electrical Distribution Panels:

AC/DC Electrical Distribution Panels:

DC Weather and Water Resistant Distribution Panels for cockpit, helm and spray situations.

Blue Sea panels are easy to use and modify. There are circuit breakers available to fill open positions left in panels for customization or to replace breakers with ones that more approximate your panel requirements.

Thermal Circuit Breaker / Switch Combination

Thermal circuit breakers combine switching and circuit protection. Typical uses for these are as a switch / breaker to a downrigger, electric outboard, winch or any electric motor. Use in any location where power is coming directly from the battery to an electrical device. These thermal circuit breakers are waterproof and vaporproof and may be used aboard gasoline powered boats with no risk of spark.

Battery Switches

Most modern boats of any size have a battery switch. In a simple system, the battery switch just cuts the electricity from the batteries to the engine, or the “house” (the term for batteries that run the boat electrical systems other than the engine) or both.  As boats get larger, they may use more than one for a variety of reasons. The power coming from a group of batteries is sorted out into banks, for the house and engine. Add to this a separate generator starting battery, inverter and battery charger and you may have more than one switch to direct all the different power sources to the distribution panels or applications. Blue Sea Systems manufacturers a battery selector switch for any application.

Wesmar Thrusters Stainless Steel Dual Prop

Wesmar Thrusters Stainless Steel Dual Prop

Wesmar Bow and Stern Thrusters are an all stainless steel design. A low maintenance design is assured with polished stainless props, stainless steel casings and stainless steel seal and bearing carriers. Wesmar’s Bow and Stern thrusters are designed for low maintenance with extremely rugged and reliable operation, more thrust from the motor horsepower, easy of retrofitting or upgrading as well as precise operator control.

Wesmar’s new line of all stainless steel double propeller bow and stern thrusters is based on over 40 years experience in the ocean. From luxury yachts to commercial fishing vessels, some working in midwinter Arctic and Antarctic waters, Wesmar has been manufacturing rugged, reliable bow and stern thrusters.


Wesmar Thrusters for Power Boats

Wesmar Thrusters for Power Boats

Wesmar’s Customer Satisfaction Report is available as a PDF. From mega yachts to work vessels to tour boats.

Wesmar Thrusters for Commercial Vessels

Wesmar Thrusters for Commercial Vessels

Wesmars counter rotating dual propeller thrusters design was invented by Wesmar. The counter rotating propellers provide 40% more thrust from the same tunnel and input power over a single propeller design.

Wesmar Thruster are available from Go2marine in Direct Drive DC and Hydraulic Drives. Special orders can be fitted with Proportional DC Drive, AC Electric Drive and fitted for Central Hydraulics.

Direct Drive DC Electronic – (6 to 12 inch Thrusters), Two motor sizes with standard solenoid switch on/off control.

Hydraulic Drive – with load sense pumps, piston motors, proportional control valves, high and low pressure filtering, various sensing devices and a variety of tanks to fit vessels space requirements.

Wesmar Thrusters are available from 5 to 350 Horsepower and from 6″ to 42″ propellers for vessels from 25 to 250+ feet. Custom orders are available. Contact Go2marine to discuss your application.

Curtain Burner

1970's Era Pressurized Alcohol Stove (aka: Curtain Burner)

As the owner of an older boat, I quickly learned the fickleness of my 1970’s era pressurized alcohol stove. Put too much alcohol in the priming tray and I would sit with my fire extinguisher aimed ready to put out the fire. On more than one occasion I found myself watching flames almost reaching the ceiling (guess that’s why it was called the “curtain burner”). Once the flame was stable, it worked fairly well; however, I was never comfortable with it. While alcohol fires can be extinguished by water, they can be hard to see and spread before anyone notices.


I had been considering my options for some time but hadn’t taken any action. Then, on the longest day of the year, a new boat owner had his sailboat in the middle of the bay, anchored for lunch and decided to try out his alcohol stove. Flames quickly engulfed the boat; thankfully there were only minor injuries however 5 people were rescued from the water. As the nearest fire boat was over an hour away, the authorities made the decision to let the boat burn to the water line, quite the site to see a burning sailboat floating around the bay.

That’s all it took for me to quickly do something about my cooking system. By the next week the stove, lines and tank were out of my boat.

Now comes the tough part, deciding what to replace it with. Go2marine carries cook stoves from several major manufactures and has recently added the Kenyon Appliance line of stoves. With electric models, self-priming alcohol, even electric grills so charcoal and liquid fuels are not needed to get that grilled look and taste, Kenyon stoves may be just what I am looking for.

Still have not decided what I am going to use as a permanent solution but for the time being, the Kenyon Express II model works perfect, fuel cartridges are long lasting, readily available and the entire unit is so portable that I can take it for a picnic, camping or where ever extra cooking space is needed.