Traditional Swimming Area Markers

New Regulatory Buoys Help Fairfield Comply with State Directives

Over the next several years, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and local officials in Fairfield will be working to replace the original round buoys at the town’s beaches that do not meet state regulations.

Gerald Lombardo, director of the town’s Parks & Recreation Commission, said that the town has purchased 10 white and orange cylindrical buoys to begin replacing the old ones. The buoys must also be filled with polyurethane foam with enough weight and buoyancy to be stable and remain above the water’s surface.

Regulatory Buoys

In accordance with the new regulations, the white buoys have silver reflective strip at the top and a 3-inch international reflective band at both the top and bottom. Regulatory buoy labels depict the international orange symbol of a diamond with a cross inside to indicate the boundaries of a swimming area, says the Connecticut Post.

Taylor Made regulatory buoys measure up to the strict requirements of Connecticut State and others. The buoys may be fitted with a variety of near twenty Sur-Mark regulatory buoy labels. The Sur-Mark White Can may also have reflective tape and a strobe to aid in night-time use.

Dr. LED is not just another supplier of LED lighting, they are an innovator of LED lighting products.

Go2marine has introduced the Dr. LED line of lighting with several of the unique products offered. Dr. LED lights use patented “Constant Energy Technology” utilizing ultra efficient energy transfer from power sources to the LEDs. Power sources include: line voltage (120VAC, 240VAC), low voltage systems (12VAC, 24VAC), battery systems (12VDC, 24VDC, 28VDC), or alternative charging sources such as wind, solar panels, etc.

Dr. LED bulbs have active electronics built in to regulate the energy going into each LED, so that they do not overheat and/or burn out prematurely at the high end of the source voltage range, while maintaining an optimal level of light output for each given type of LED. As incandescent and halogen replacements, Dr. LED uses warm white lights (~3200 K), instead of the cold (~6000 K) LEDs more commonly used.

Dr. LED lights are also given names, for reasons that are logical as well as those of friends.

 A Surface Mounted Submersible LED Light, Underwater Lamp, named “Dave”.

Underwater Surface Mounted Submersible LED Light - Dave

Underwater Surface Mounted Submersible LED Light - Dave

Dave offers a waterproof LED light producing 400+ Lumen of light. Useful in the Engine Room (no risk of explosion), as  spreader light, in the cockpit or even below the waterline!


A Versatile Waterproof LED Light, Spreader Lamp, named “Kevin”.

Versatile Waterproof LED Light, Spreader Lamp, "Kevin"

Versatile Waterproof LED Light, Spreader Lamp, "Kevin"

Kevin is a bright, versatile waterproof lamp supplying 600+ Lumen. Outstanding light output from an energy saving LED fixture. Useful as a spreader light, tower light or anyplace you need ample light to work.


 Navigation Table Light, Navigation Chart w/ Red & White LED Lamp, named “Cobra”.

Navigation Table Light, Nav Chart LED Lamp, Cobra, Red & White

Navigation Table Light, Nav Chart LED Lamp, Cobra, Red & White

The Cobra is the world’s first and Only Bi-Color (Red/White) single high-Flux LED chart and reading light. This gooseneck chart light is a must for all navigational tables.


Edison Medium Screw Base LED Bulb, 12V/3W – 60 Watt equivalent, named “Sidekick”.

Edison Medium Screw Base LED Bulb, 3W, Sidekick

Edison Medium Screw Base LED Bulb, 3W, Sidekick

The Sidekick is a unique LED bulb in that it retains the usefulness of a conventional Edison medium base bulb (most standard light fixtures). The bulb gives off the warm glow of an incandelesent bulb while allowing the common ‘clip-on’ shades to still work.

Go2marines’s complete Dr. LED products

Common Features to all of Dr. LED light fixtures include:

Extremely rugged and ample heat sinking to the LEDs to ensure long life operation.
Multi-voltage 12VDC or 24VDC or 12VAC.
Works on most low voltage outdoor lighting systems.
Instant on, no warm-up of bulb needed.
Long service life, up to 50,000 hours.
Not hot – warm to the touch.
Shockproof, ultra-rugged with no filament to burn out or break.

Anniversary Collection

Anniversary Collection

Known worldwide since 1928 for their precision nautical instruments, Weems and Plath has been supplying the world with quality navigation tools. Whether for boat, home or office, these beautiful, handcrafted and accurate instruments make the perfect addition for navigation or décor.

The heading to today’s success began in the early 1900’s with Captain Philip Van Horn Weems entering the Naval Academy. Around this time, steam powered vessels were beginning to take the place of sailing vessels. This increase in speed brought around a need for better navigation.

In May of 1919, eight years before Lindberg’s solo flight, Weems found himself on board a ship tracking three small planes attempting to make the first trans-Atlantic flight. Only one of them made it. This experience combined with varied tours of duty with the Navy provided Captain Weems with the background and experience to truly understand what it would take to find a quick yet reliable method of navigation.

In 1928 Weems System of Navigation was established.

Go2marine is pleased to offer a huge selection of these legendary nautical instruments including clocks, barometers, thermometers and more. Recently expanded, the selection of Weems and Plath items at Go2marine.com is presented in a format that makes it easy to find just the item and finish needed.

Always a welcome gift for any occasion, the wide range of prices and options makes Go2marine the perfect place to purchase these world renowned instruments.

NavSim Technology Inc. GPS Enabled Marine Navigation Software

NavSim Technology creates navigation software to turn laptops, PCs and handheld devices into Portable Piloting Units. NavSim focuses on software and hardware solutions for land and marine applications that are powerful yet easy to use with today’s electronic charts and maps. NavSim’s GPS enabled technology gives boaters and hikers alike real time route tracking capabilities.

Laptop Running NavSim Navigation Software

  • NavSim’s Electronic Navigation lineup includes:
  • BoatCruiser 2.0 for power boaters
  • SailCuriser with SailTimer by Craig Summers of Indepth Navigation for sailors
  • NavCruiser PRO for professional pilots as used by the pilots on the St. Lawrence River
  • MapCruiser for land based GPS units, PDAs, pocket PCs and hardcopy topographic map printing


    Featuring BoatCruiser 2.0

    Boat Cruiser 2.0 Navigation Software
    BoatCruiser 2.0 gives pleasure boat captains top notch navigation and piloting tools. NavSim put years of research into the development of BoatCruiser’s predictive autopilot technology. Technology that promotes safety and increases the pleasure of your cruising time with advanced electronic chart planning and real time on the water route tracking.

    Once connected, BoatCruiser automatically locates and configures the other marine instruments on your boat. You can select and size up to four navigation information consoles on screen at once or select one to view full screen. You can zoom and tilt to perspective views depending on the electronic chart you use. BoatCruiser 2.0 incudes NavSim’s Fuel Consumption and Cost Calculator that estimates the amount & cost of fuel you will need to reach your destination.

    BoatCruiser 2.0 supports Electronic Charts from C-MAP, Maptech, NDI Digital Ocean, NOAA ENC S-57, QV, SoftChart & E-Topo.

    BoatCruiser 2.0 Planning Tools & Navigation Features:

  • Multiple Marine Instrument Support – GPS, AIS, Autopilot, ARPA/MARPA, Depth Sounder
  • Man Overboard
  • One Click Route Planning
  • Seamless Chart Quilting & Chart Rotation
  • High-Resolution Chart Printing
  • Parallel Index Line
  • Course Up, Chart Up, True North or Magnetic North Up
  • Customizable Markers
  • Entry or Exit Zones & Zones Alarms
  • Unique Customizable Screen Displays
  • Tides & Currents
  • Marinas, Points of Interest & Locations Search
  • Night & Dusk Displays