Rotary Steering Helm

Cable steering systems are the most common type of boat steering mechanisms used in vessels with an outboard or stern drive for propulsion. Available cable systems include single or double cable models offered with either a rack and pinion or rotary helm unit.

All cable steering systems contain a jacketed cable that connects the turning wheel through the helm unit to the outboard or drive of the boat. The helm uses a push-pull motion on the steering cable so that when the driver turns the steering wheel, steering cables control the outboard or stern drive and direct the boat.

Rotary steering systems are manufactured by both Teleflex Morse and Uflex. A planetary rotary helm is the most compact and consists of three or more gears that mesh internally with the cable drum to move the helical core of the steering cable. The rugged reduction gear rotary helm is built with one or more gears that mesh externally with the drum to move the helical core of the steering cable. These rotary helms offer a compact system that will fit behind any dash or console. Rotary steering cable systems are available in both standard versions and no-feed (NFB) versions.

Rack and Pinion Steering Helm

Rack and pinion systems are also available in standard and NFB versions. This system involves a pinion gear, hobbed directly into the helm shaft and engages a rack gear in a tubular housing. The rack and pinion helm may require more space behind your boat’s console because of the long bar that acts as the rack. Rack and pinion steering is the most efficient mechanical approach to moving the steering cable.

If your boat has an engine over 150 horsepower or multiple engines, you’ll want to choose an NFB or “Zerotorque” steering cable system, which is designed for higher horsepower performance applications. If you are looking for a smaller, practical system for a vessel with under 60 horsepower, the Uflex Rotech will work well.

PRI Fuel Treatment, Additive & Stabilizer is available for both gasoline engines as PRI-G and diesel applications as PRI-D. The unique formula can be used in marine engines, RV’s and other fuel situations. With more than 40 years of research and usage, PRI, Power Research Inc is a product that accomplishes just three things for diesel and gasoline fuels (and by extension, in those engines):

1. PRI is a Fuel Stabilizer and Restorer.

2. PRI removes trapped moisture that modern fuels promote.

3. PRI reduces carbon particulate size.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc.

 PRI is the industry leader at restoring old stale fuels. PRI can produce usable gasoline and diesel fuels from the worst storage conditions. Independent laboratory tests have tested 10-13 year old fuels that were restored with PRI and found them returned to usable condition. Treat just once a year for year after year use.

PRI will emulsify and absorb small amounts of water from fuel. While not able to clean water contaminated fuel that has large amounts of water, it does prevent alcohol phase separation. PRI prevents corrosion in the tank as well as everywhere fuel flows and contains asolutely no alcohol.

PRI reduces carbon buildup in small engines, reduces carbon in the exhaust and maintains the carbon size to less than .010 microns. Cleaner burning with less particulates means that engines stay clean on the inside as well as the outside.

PRI marginally increases the octane in gasoline and increases the cetane (diesel) rating by 1-2 points. PRI-D is suitable for diesel #1, diesel #2, kerosene, home heating oil, ULS diesel, marine diesel and marine gas oil. PRI-G is suitable for all octane ratings of gasoline. Although they are formulated for specific fuels, using PRI-D in a gasoline engine (or vice veras) will cause no harm.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc.

Testimonials often have some value, but these unique testimonials will have you thinking that this ‘witches brew’ is one that deserves to be added to your current tank of fuel.

Diesel Smoke Control – Bob White with his 38′ Bertram “Island Time” had a problem. The real challenge was how to get two stroke 6-71 Detroit Diesels, which are known for their smoking, to stop being so dirty. PRI-D solves this problem because it works as a carbon breaker; it never allows clumps of carbon to form in the engine or exhaust larger than .010 microns. That means that smoke is far less visible and that the transom stays cleaner (and is easier to clean!). – Motorboating Magazine, May 2001.

Fresh Fuel – How old is your fuel? If your fuel is stored for longer than a season, it starts to degrade. Howard Freilich the owner of Qescorp Inc. had a unique problem. They run a recycling business, from saw blades to fuel – that’s right, fuel. Qescorp has tested PRI-G added to 15 year old fuel from salvage yards. One quart of PRI-G mixed well with 300 gallons of fuel, then left to stand for 48 hours resulted in a usable fuel that complies with the fuel specifications of all engine manufacturers. – New York Times Upfront, Summer 2007.

E-10 Fuel – Call it Gasohol or Ethanol mix / blend or just E10, it is here to stay. Ethanol is added to gas and it reduces dangerous emissions (good) and is hydroscopic (bad). Ethanol is so good at attracting moisture, like condensation, that when it gets saturated, it simple drops the water (which is called phase separation) which then sinks to the bottom of the tank while alcohol continues to attract more water! PRI-G is a non-alcohol fuel stabilizer (alcohol attracts water!) that functions as a carbon dispersant as well. It keeps outboards running clean. – Boat Digest

‘Servicing’ Older OutboardsPRI-G is essential to maintaining your older outboard in “just serviced” condition. After electrical issues, fuel is a close second. When added to your tank and run through the outboard, PRI-G can make a noticable difference in smooth running and will preserve the parts that the fuel runs through; the carb and fuel pump. When you service your engine, service your fuel! – Motorboating Magazine, January 2002.

Keeping Out The Water – Because “future fuels” like E-10 are here now, the choices of fuel additives has grown on the market. One of the most common (and affordable) component of fuel additives is alcohol. When added to fuel, alcohol makes the fuel burn cleaner, with a 1.5% loss in mpg. Alcohol has undesirable characteristics of being hydroscopic (attracting water) as well as being a potent solvent, additionally, most gas additives were designed for the automotive industry and are not for marine use.  – Saltwater Fly Fishing, Dec 2006/Jan 2007.

Diesel Fuel Oil – The Tennesse Valley Authority had a problem, a big problem; they had 1.8 million gallons of bad fuel. The PAD (Petroleum Administration for Defense) rating was a high of 17, making the fuel unusable. The fuel was fully treated with PRI-D and then retested. The fuel was now at a PAD of 3, fully meeting TVA specifications. – Recyclers Power Source.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc. Outboard Gas – An outboard is only as good as it’s gas. Some fuels gum up quicker, some age faster and some build up more carbon. Adding PRI-G to your tank prevents gumming of the fuel, contamination of the carburetor and build-up of carbon that causes these small work horses to falter. Carbon build-up is a hidden killer of these engines. When too much carbon accumulates, the rings are pushed higher and higher (called “ring jacking”). The increased friction between the rings and cylinders causes elevated temperatures, accelerated wear and ultimately, power head failure. PRI-G dramatically reduces carbon build-up by reducing the size of the carbon cluster.  – Field and Stream, September 2000.

Go2marine carries PRI-D, PRI-G and PRI-OCIDE.


Solas Propellers in Toyko 2007

Solas Propellers in Tokyo 2007

Solas Propellers is a unique manufacture of a quality product. Dr. Solas Y. J. Lin started R&D, manufacturing and distributing Solas Propellers over two decades ago. From the management philosophy to the mechanical construction of the propeller to the very building design the company uses; all are driven by a need to deliver the highest quality of products to it’s customer. Solas Propeller is a trusted name in outboard, sterndrive propellers and personal watercraft impellers.

Solas' Unique Management Philosophy


Solas Propeller, founded by Dr. Solas Lin and based in Taiwan combines a world class research and design facility, highly skilled workers, cost-effective material sourcing, and a technologically advanced manufacturing facility to deliver products of the highest quality. The Solas management philosophy is “In virtue of love, we have always been holding to our core faith “Harmony, Honesty, Innovation, Excellence, Contribution, Value, Perpetuation, Progress” to pursue the perfect quality of the propellers.” Solas Propellers is also committed to the principle of “applying theory to reality for the welfare of human beings”, and Solas believes that the quality of Solas products improves the experience of all water sports. From this basis, the company offers their propellers and impellers, resulting in Solas being a customer responsive, quality orientated manufacturing company.

Solas propellers are available in:

Solas Stainless Steel Materials

Solas Stainless Steel Materials

Stainless Steel propellers are made of an ultra durable material that will NEVER rust as well as offering outstanding durability. Solas Stainless steel propellers are made by the investment casting process and feature the industry’s highest percentage of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. Solas offers these propellers in either a three blade or four blade design, with many sizes to meet different requirements.

Solas Squeeze Cast Aluminum Surface

Solas Squeeze Cast Aluminum Surface

Aluminum propellers are manufactured by state of the art “squeeze casting” that gives the aluminum a finer grain with very little porosity. Available in many sizes, the Solas aluminum propeller is both stronger and more easily repaired.

Solas Rubex Interchangable Hub System

Solas Rubex Interchangeable Hub System

 Interchangeable Rubex propellers are easily swapped when a change from power to speed is needed – or you have damaged a propeller. Rubex propellers are available in Stainless Steel and Aluminum and are interchangeable with Flo-Torq and Vortex systems.

Go2marine is proud to carry Solas Propellers. Solas manufactures a complete line of 3 and 4 blade propellers.

Go2marine Propeller Fit Guide: Propeller Construction & Choosing the Right Propeller

BRP, Johnson, Evinrude, OMC Propeller Finder

Mariner, Mercury and Mercruiser Propeller Finder

Go2marine also carries Tohatsu, Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha outboard propellers as well as Volvo Penta sterndrive propellers.

Seloc Marine Engine Repair Manuals

Seloc is a leader and innovator of marine engine repair manuals for outboards, inboards, stern drives, diesels and PWC’s (Personal Water Craft). Seloc print manuals, Seloc online manuals and SelocPro are available at Go2marine.

Seloc Print Manuals

Seloc offers a full line of printed manuals with complete coverage on everything from basic maintenance to complete engine or drive overhaul; featuring simple-to-follow, step-by-step, illustrated procedures, hundreds of exploded views, photographs, tables, wiring diagrams, specifications, and user friendly indexes.  Many of our newer manuals contain a skill level rating system for each procedure which also include special tool icons.

  • Contains complete and accurate how-to information for the do-it-yourselfers and the experienced mechanic.
  • Has photos, illustrations and step-by-step instructions for quick identification and corrections for any problem.
  • Also contains comprehensive electrical wiring schematics for all models.
  • The quick reference section provides commonly used specifications and service information.
  • An easy-to-use index to quickly locate the information you need.
  • Seloc Manuals at Go2marine

    Seloc Online Manuals

    Seloc Online, an internet based subscription product, is the most comprehensive online tool available for do-it-yourself repairs! Our database of mechanical repairs offers complete service procedures, wiring diagrams, maintenance schedules, specifications, parts database, dealer locator, and more.

    Provides the user with unlimited Internet access for three years for a “single model/year” engine and the respective drive system.

    SelocPro, Professional Online Service 

    Our professional version, Seloc Pro is the most comprehensive database tool available to marine technicians! Unlimited access to our database of mechanical repair, including mechanical labor times, service procedures, wiring diagrams, parts, specifications, and an estimating module with parts and pricing.

     Seloc’s print marine engine repair manuals

    Find your Seloc Manual for your engine!

    Seloc Publishing

    Example – Outboard Engine

    Typical index for Maintenance and Repair operations



       Marine Batteries

       Battery Construction

       Battery Ratings

       Battery Location

       Battery Service

       Battery Testing

       Jumper Cables


       Dual Battery Installation

    Below Waterline Service

    Boat Testing

       Hook And Rocker


    Boating Safety 

         Regulations For Your Boat

         Required Safety Equipment 

         Equipment Not Required But Recommended 

         Courtesy Marine Examinations

    Bottom Seal



    Break-In Procedures

    Bypass Cover

       Removal & Installation




       Disassembly & Assembly

       Preliminary Adjustments

       Preliminary Idle Speed Adjustment

       Removal & Installation

    Carburetor Adjustments

       Fuel And Fuel Tanks

       Idle Adjustment

       Oil/Fuel Mixture

    CDII Ignition System





       Ignition Coil

       Ignition Module


       Power Pack

       Sensor Coil




    Centering Pins


    Charging System

       AC Lighting Coil Tests

       Alternator Output Test

       Choke Circuit Tests


       Rectifier TESTS

       Stator Tests

    Compression Check

       Checking Compression

    Connecting Rods And Pistons




       Inspection And Service



    Crankcase Cover

       Cleaning And Inspecting


     + 120 more Indexed subjects!