Log style marine exhaust manifold w/ installation hardware

As one of the many parts of a boat, a boat engine contains a marine exhaust manifold and risers that are usually made of cast iron, to dispense exhaust from its cylinders. Because wear and tear, high velocity internal exhaust, and corrosion caused by salt water can lower the life expectancy of a manifold, boaters may occasionally need to install a replacement.

On average, manifolds last for about 8 to 10 years, though their durability is dependent on engine use. Manifolds and risers that are used in saltwater can wear down in just three years, while those used in freshwater can run for as long as 20 years.

When installing new risers, it is recommended that boaters replace both risers at the same time. Because most risers do not come with gaskets, captains may need to purchase these products separately.

Installing a new manifold can be more time-consuming, as bolts are likely to be rusted and difficult to remove. Conversion manifold kits can be purchased to replace the boat’s original equipment. The kit comes with parts to replace both sides of the engine, as parts are not interchangeable.

To cut down on the number of times you’ll need to install a replacement marine manifold, it is recommended that you habitually flush the engine and manifold to extend the lifespan of each.

Visit Replacing Marine Manifolds and Risers for more information on why manifolds and risers fail.

Rotary Steering Helm

Cable steering systems are the most common type of boat steering mechanisms used in vessels with an outboard or stern drive for propulsion. Available cable systems include single or double cable models offered with either a rack and pinion or rotary helm unit.

All cable steering systems contain a jacketed cable that connects the turning wheel through the helm unit to the outboard or drive of the boat. The helm uses a push-pull motion on the steering cable so that when the driver turns the steering wheel, steering cables control the outboard or stern drive and direct the boat.

Rotary steering systems are manufactured by both Teleflex Morse and Uflex. A planetary rotary helm is the most compact and consists of three or more gears that mesh internally with the cable drum to move the helical core of the steering cable. The rugged reduction gear rotary helm is built with one or more gears that mesh externally with the drum to move the helical core of the steering cable. These rotary helms offer a compact system that will fit behind any dash or console. Rotary steering cable systems are available in both standard versions and no-feed (NFB) versions.

Rack and Pinion Steering Helm

Rack and pinion systems are also available in standard and NFB versions. This system involves a pinion gear, hobbed directly into the helm shaft and engages a rack gear in a tubular housing. The rack and pinion helm may require more space behind your boat’s console because of the long bar that acts as the rack. Rack and pinion steering is the most efficient mechanical approach to moving the steering cable.

If your boat has an engine over 150 horsepower or multiple engines, you’ll want to choose an NFB or “Zerotorque” steering cable system, which is designed for higher horsepower performance applications. If you are looking for a smaller, practical system for a vessel with under 60 horsepower, the Uflex Rotech will work well.

The Latest Progress in Maintaining your Diesel Fuel.

No more dockside fuel polishing costing hundreds of dollars. Polish your fuel, all the time, every tank full, every day.

Go2marine works hard to keep your hard working engines running smoothly. The FPM-50 is the latest addition in list of products that help control, filter, kill or trap the bacteria that lives in the water moisture found in diesel fuel…

The FPM-50 Fuel Polishing Module  is a small, 12v diesel fuel polisher that runs on minimal electricity requirements, 24 hours a day; Consuming less than 2 watts while polishing 50 gallons of fuel, every day.

Fuel Polishing Module, Clean, Prevent Fuel System Contamination

Fuel Polishing Module, Clean, Prevent Fuel System Contamination

The Issue

The daily buildup of condensation in a diesel fuel system can lead to fuel contamination through bacteria growth. Parker’s new patent pending Fuel Polishing Module (FPM-050) combats the daily accumulation of water in diesel fuel systems, preventing corrosion and other system problems. Parker’s FPM-050 is optimized to remove emulsified water from the fuel system, preventing common fuel issues and maximizing the effectiveness of current filters.

How it Works

As diesel fuel warms through engine use or the daily heat of the sun, its natural capacity to absorb water increases, dissolving and dispersing a percentage of any water in the tank. When the fuel cools, this dissolved water desorbs into a bacteria-harboring emulsified suspension. By flowing the fuel gently over many hours, the FPM-050 maximizes your filter’s ability to separate this difficult-to-remove emulsion and filter out particulate.


The compact and lightweight design of the FPM-050 makes installation into the fuel system easy. The included mounting bracket secures the unit in place using standard screws. Fuel connections to the module are made using standard sized NPTF-type threaded ports, which are easily connected to fuel lines by standard crimp-on or barbed fittings.

The design also incorporates an automatic full-flow bypass valve. The auto bypass valve means there’s no need to use a manual valve to switch between polishing your fuel and using your engine.

Parker designed the system to meet the requirements of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards pertaining to diesel fuel systems (H-33) and onboard electronics (E-11).

Installation of the FPM-50

Installation of the FPM-50

Features and Benefits

  • Provides maximum fuel system reliability by removing entrained moisture and accumulated contaminants.
  • Keeps fuel dry, promoting a bacteria-free environment and preventing contaminant build-up.
  • Reduces the need for expensive fuel treatments and additives.
  • Uses patent-pending, solid state pump technology, consuming only 150 mA, minimizing battery drain and enabling continuous fuel maintenance.
  • Can be run from a small solar panel.
  • Allows for fuel maintenance during engine down time and off-season storage.
  • Easy to install and operate; incorporates automatic, full-flow bypass valve, eliminating the need for manual switching.


Go2marine Shipping

Go2marine is proud to support the International Marine Community. As of 2008, Go2marine has shipped to 168 (really, I counted them!) of 193 countries in the world.  We offer guaranteed shipping by post, truck, ship or air, from ounces / milligrams to 1000’s of pounds / kilograms.

Some of the more exotic locales are Bosnia, Cameroon, Colombia, Dominica, Georgia, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, St. Martin, Syria, Tortola, Tusnia and Yugoslavia. Go2marine ships to commercial fishing fleets, around the world cruising sailors and anyone needing a part to keep them going!

Some of the landlocked countries we have shipped to including; Azerbaijan, Hungary, Laos, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Switzerland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. There are only 44 landlocked countries and only 2 that are doubly landlocked – countries that are surrounded by other landlocked countries.

We have enjoyed extensive shipping to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Puerto Rico and the United States.  Go2marine ships out boat building materials, marine facility maintenance supplies, vessel parts and equipment by the envelope, box or pallets.

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With winter underway, you may think it is a good time to service your boat’s engine. Sierra Marine, (part of Teleflex Marine) offers replacement parts for many marine engines including Mercruiser , Chris-Craft, OMC Sterndrive/Cobraand many more (see below for complete list of engines that Sierra supplies parts for). 

At Go2marine.com you can shop the Sierra Catalog (in the .pdf format) to quickly locate your part. Just click on the Sierra Part number from their catalog to find the part on our web site.

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