H.O. Bostrom Seats smooth out the ride!

Fishermen, recreational boaters, commercial operators and passengers just along for the ride, may have a variety of expectations, purposes and uses for boat seats. Marine seats must be able to withstand the salt water, harsh weather, rough waves and the sun’s UV rays. In addition, the mounting system of these seats must endure through a number of stresses that it is exposed to while in motion. 

Boaters shopping for a seat at the helm may consider H.O. Bostrom’s SeaPost Marine Pilot Helm Seat, which offers ergonomic support for comfort and complete adjustability. As opposed to traditional console seats, which offer three inches of height adjustment, the marine helm seat offers six inches of travel. In addition, a standard fold-up footrest is available with three height positions. 

SeaPost Pacifica Seat, w/ Torsion 380 Mechanical Suspension

The SeaPost Pacifica Seat with Torsion 380 mechanical suspension differentiates itself with a shock-absorbing pedestal system that can preserve a captain’s comfort over rough seas and can support operators weighing up to 275 pounds. Like many of H.O. Bostrom’s marinized seats, this model is composed of internal padding covered in a urethane skin that will not absorb water. 

Finally, the SeaPost Boat seat is durable and long-lasting; it comes with a 5 year manufacture warranty.

Riviera 43 Open Flybridge

At the Sydney International Boat Show on July 29, the Australian pleasure boat-maker, Riviera, will reveal its latest model, the 43 Open Flybridge.

Riviera’s CEO, John Anderson, anticipates a successful release, as the company’s most recent models have all been well received on the pleasure boating market, BYM News reports.

“The sales performance of our new models, including the 5800 Yacht, 5000 Sport Yacht, 51 with IPS and now the 43 with IPS have all generated a significant volume of sales,” Anderson told the news source.

The vessel includes sleeping accommodations for up to six people in two large cabins. The Volvo Penta Inboard Performance System (IPS) is designed for greater fuel economy and lower exhaust levels.

Barr Exhaust System Parts by Engine Make

Managing boat exhaust is a consideration of many boaters, from yachters to captains of smaller powerboats. The manifold collects exhaust gasses from the engine’s cylinder, cools the gasses with water, and pushes them through an exhaust hose, outside the stern.

Generic exhaust manifolds bought for a V8 or V6 engine are sold in sets, including both right- and left-handed models. Boats with ‘straight’ engines of 3, 4 or 6 cylinders usually contain a single manifold and riser located near the top and along the cylinder bank.

These smaller boats can use generic or aftermarket exhaust manifolds to replace a vessel’s original equipment.

SeaPost Pacifica Seat, w/ Torsion 380 Mechanical Suspension

H.O. Bostrom is widely considered to offer the highest quality of boat seats regardless of the size of one’s seacraft or boating needs. Their seats often come with an array of features, including adjustable risers, foot rests and heights of suspension. H.O Bostroms seats are used in all forms of commercial service, from; tugboats, fire trucks, offroad loaders to buses.

This popular manufacturer’s latest line of marine seats is the SeaPost Pacifica Seat with Torsion 380 mechanical suspension. The shock-absorbing pedestal system that comes standard on this model allows for a high level of comfort and support on rough waters. A built-in damper provides for four inches of shock absorption during travel. In addition, a high-strength torsion bar suspension system can be adjusted to suit passengers weighing between 110 and 275 pounds.

These seats are tested to withstand the harsh elements and environment that boaters sometimes encounter. The internal foam that comprises the seat is covered by a urethane skin that is resistant to water. In addition, H.O. Bostrom’s multi-coat marine finishing system on all metal gives the seats a high-caliber corrosion resistance. The patented H.O. Bostrom adjustable riser can be used to adjust the height of the seat between three and six inches.

Oil coolers with a fresh water cooling system use the water from a lake, river or ocean to lower the temperature of the engine’s coolant. A type of heat exchanger, this product keeps the engine or transmission oil cool while the vessel is in motion.

Mercruiser - Direct Replacement Heat Exchangers & Oil Coolers

Heat exchangers and oil coolers manufactured by Seakamp Engineering are a popular choice for boaters, and can be used for most fluid to fluid cooling applications. Seakamp’s Mercruiser direct replacement heat exchanger allows for freshwater engine cooling as well as the use of a hot water cabin heater when navigating in cooler climates.

In addition, Mercruiser heat exchangers and oil coolers prevent electrolysis by using dual zinc anodes, as well as corrosion resistant metals in their construction. With electrolytic reaction, the zinc will actually corrode and wear away, while preserving the copper and copper / nickel alloy metals that make up in the heat exchanger, oil cooler and engine system.

Heat exchangers and oil coolers are easy to install and can dramatically extend the life of a boat’s engine by protecting the entire motor system from rust and corrosion. Seakamp Engineering products can be customized to the exact requirements, size and fittings of most vessels.

Fabric Boat Lift Canopies

The primary reason to order a replacement boat canopy from CoverTuff is to fit your original manufactures frame and to protect your vessel from the wear and tear it faces from wind, rain and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. With these purposes in mind, CoverTuff constructs its boat canopy covers to fit right, the first time, and helps your boat withstand the forces of nature and protect your watercraft for years.

To protect your boat from the sun, CoverTuff boat canopies feature rot-proof threads that are resistant to UV rays, and rotting. Your vessel will also be kept safe from the rain by virtue of seams that are stitched from the underside of the canopy, to reduce the canopies likelihood of leaking.

Each CoverTuff canopy frame is designed for a custom fit; corner seams line up with side seams for a cleaner appearance, improving the view from any angle. These canopies feature fine details such as quality materials, scallop side and end trim and zigzag stitching. CoverTuff canopies are ideal for new canopy frames or as a replacement to an existing frame.

When replacing a canopy on a boat lift prior to 2005, you will be setting the springs aside and instead, you will be using the replacement shock cord system for secure attachment. Everything that you need to install the CoverTuff replacement boat canopy is included with your order.

Keeping Cool


The Taylor Made Bimini Comfort Zone Misting System can be used to reduce the air temperatures in a local area by as much as 30 degrees. This innovative stand-alone misting system can be attached to a dodger, bimini, radar arch, wing, tower or any overhead area to supply you with a steady, cooling mist.  

The misting systems usefulness extends far beyond the weekend boater. Any hot weather boater, from a small sport fishing boat to a waterski tournament boat to an off shore cruising sailboat can benefit from this simple system. Additionally, and vehicle that uses a 12 volt power source and is able to carry water can take advantage of misting cooling. This portable misting system can be used with an RV while camping, while off-roading at Moab or to keep you cool in your cart when golfing. 

The Taylor Made 1420 Comfort Zone Misting System contains:  

  • 130 psi 12 volt booster pump w/mounting bracket
  • Quick “Push to Connect” tee connectors
  • 25′ of 1/4″ diameter black misting line
  • 7′ red water inlet tubing w/screened weighted anchor
  • 4 misting nozzles w/T-connector push-to-connect fittings
  • 4 mounting clips to attach nozzle to top
  • AC adapter plug
  • Pre-inline sediment filter

All that you supply is the electricity and water**. The water source must be clean, fresh water (not salt or brackish water). While running, the system uses approximately 1 gallon of water per nozzle per hour. Go2marine offers this useful product as well as over 160,000 other useful boat parts to make your boating enjoyable! 

** Never mix electricity and water, you will need to supply both the source of each as well as their dispensing containers.

Todd Marine Leaning Post

January 20, 2010



The Todd Marine Leaning Posts from Go2marine are an upgrade and replacement for your aging Boston Whaler, or other center console type boat seats. A backrest for the leaning post is available, essentially turning the leaning post into a bench set.

Use your Original Pedestals



This simple clean setup allows you to remove your original pedestal seats and mount the leaning post. You retain your original, existing pedestals. The posts of the new leaning post adjust from port to starboard, from 21″ on center to 28.5″ on center, matching up to your existing post mounts.

Simple to Install

The video illistrates just how simple this change is.

Go2marine offers the Leaning Post in a Fixed Pedestal and Adjustable Pedestal version. Go2marine’s full line of Marine Boat Seats.

Armada Multi-Purpose Marine Wire Reinforced Hose, Fuel, Wet Exhaust, Coolant & Internal Non-potable Water, SW569Parker Hannifin’s new marine Armada Hose supplied by Go2marine is truly an all around, use anywhere hose.

Armada Hose is available from 1/2″ to 6″ and may be used for*: bilge pump intake and discharge, bilge ventilation, cabin heating, coolant and radiator service, gasoline and diesel fuel systems, lubrication systems, wet exhaust systems, internal non-potable water systems – galleys, drains, toilet and bath connections.

The unique construction of Armada Hose consists of two textile plies with dual wire helix acting as the matrix for the specially compounded black nitrile.

Unique Features Include:

  • Diesel, gas and fuel oil compatible
  • Rated for full suction / vacuum of working pressure without crushing
  • Can be used in wet exhaust systems
  • Compatible with antifreeze and coolants

Armada Hose is the superior replacement for Thermoid 7910 Bellowsflex A hose.

Go2marine can supply Armada hose by the foot or the roll (1/2″ – 3-7/8″ in 50′ rolls, 4″ and up in 25′ rolls).

pompacEven though the season is cooling off, it is a great time to install a built in, ‘central air’ style Pompanette Air System for your boat. These systems will help cool your boat in the summer AND heat your boat in the winter in water temperatures of 45 F or better. Go2marine is proud to offer these custom air systems that are specifically designed and fitted to each boat.

Because each system needs some custom installation, the winter season is the right time to have the work done. Go2marine is here to make chosing the correct system easy for you with our enquiry form.

Pompanette Air Conditioners feature:

  • Vibration absorbing chassis design, using state of the art composites
  • Energy absorbing insulators, to reduce the “White Noise” of Air Conditioning
  • Quiet Rotary compressors
  • Ultra-High Efficiency enhanced surface air coils
  • Exclusive and patent pending condensate management system
  • Cupro-Nickel sea water Condensing Coil / Heat Exchanger
  • Pre-Wired meeting or exceeding the latest industry criteria

Before they leave the factory, each unit is individually tested to exacting standards.

PRI Fuel Treatment, Additive & Stabilizer is available for both gasoline engines as PRI-G and diesel applications as PRI-D. The unique formula can be used in marine engines, RV’s and other fuel situations. With more than 40 years of research and usage, PRI, Power Research Inc is a product that accomplishes just three things for diesel and gasoline fuels (and by extension, in those engines):

1. PRI is a Fuel Stabilizer and Restorer.

2. PRI removes trapped moisture that modern fuels promote.

3. PRI reduces carbon particulate size.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc.

 PRI is the industry leader at restoring old stale fuels. PRI can produce usable gasoline and diesel fuels from the worst storage conditions. Independent laboratory tests have tested 10-13 year old fuels that were restored with PRI and found them returned to usable condition. Treat just once a year for year after year use.

PRI will emulsify and absorb small amounts of water from fuel. While not able to clean water contaminated fuel that has large amounts of water, it does prevent alcohol phase separation. PRI prevents corrosion in the tank as well as everywhere fuel flows and contains asolutely no alcohol.

PRI reduces carbon buildup in small engines, reduces carbon in the exhaust and maintains the carbon size to less than .010 microns. Cleaner burning with less particulates means that engines stay clean on the inside as well as the outside.

PRI marginally increases the octane in gasoline and increases the cetane (diesel) rating by 1-2 points. PRI-D is suitable for diesel #1, diesel #2, kerosene, home heating oil, ULS diesel, marine diesel and marine gas oil. PRI-G is suitable for all octane ratings of gasoline. Although they are formulated for specific fuels, using PRI-D in a gasoline engine (or vice veras) will cause no harm.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc.

Testimonials often have some value, but these unique testimonials will have you thinking that this ‘witches brew’ is one that deserves to be added to your current tank of fuel.

Diesel Smoke Control – Bob White with his 38′ Bertram “Island Time” had a problem. The real challenge was how to get two stroke 6-71 Detroit Diesels, which are known for their smoking, to stop being so dirty. PRI-D solves this problem because it works as a carbon breaker; it never allows clumps of carbon to form in the engine or exhaust larger than .010 microns. That means that smoke is far less visible and that the transom stays cleaner (and is easier to clean!). – Motorboating Magazine, May 2001.

Fresh Fuel – How old is your fuel? If your fuel is stored for longer than a season, it starts to degrade. Howard Freilich the owner of Qescorp Inc. had a unique problem. They run a recycling business, from saw blades to fuel – that’s right, fuel. Qescorp has tested PRI-G added to 15 year old fuel from salvage yards. One quart of PRI-G mixed well with 300 gallons of fuel, then left to stand for 48 hours resulted in a usable fuel that complies with the fuel specifications of all engine manufacturers. – New York Times Upfront, Summer 2007.

E-10 Fuel – Call it Gasohol or Ethanol mix / blend or just E10, it is here to stay. Ethanol is added to gas and it reduces dangerous emissions (good) and is hydroscopic (bad). Ethanol is so good at attracting moisture, like condensation, that when it gets saturated, it simple drops the water (which is called phase separation) which then sinks to the bottom of the tank while alcohol continues to attract more water! PRI-G is a non-alcohol fuel stabilizer (alcohol attracts water!) that functions as a carbon dispersant as well. It keeps outboards running clean. – Boat Digest

‘Servicing’ Older OutboardsPRI-G is essential to maintaining your older outboard in “just serviced” condition. After electrical issues, fuel is a close second. When added to your tank and run through the outboard, PRI-G can make a noticable difference in smooth running and will preserve the parts that the fuel runs through; the carb and fuel pump. When you service your engine, service your fuel! – Motorboating Magazine, January 2002.

Keeping Out The Water – Because “future fuels” like E-10 are here now, the choices of fuel additives has grown on the market. One of the most common (and affordable) component of fuel additives is alcohol. When added to fuel, alcohol makes the fuel burn cleaner, with a 1.5% loss in mpg. Alcohol has undesirable characteristics of being hydroscopic (attracting water) as well as being a potent solvent, additionally, most gas additives were designed for the automotive industry and are not for marine use.  – Saltwater Fly Fishing, Dec 2006/Jan 2007.

Diesel Fuel Oil – The Tennesse Valley Authority had a problem, a big problem; they had 1.8 million gallons of bad fuel. The PAD (Petroleum Administration for Defense) rating was a high of 17, making the fuel unusable. The fuel was fully treated with PRI-D and then retested. The fuel was now at a PAD of 3, fully meeting TVA specifications. – Recyclers Power Source.

Fuel Additives & Stabilizers by Power Research Inc. Outboard Gas – An outboard is only as good as it’s gas. Some fuels gum up quicker, some age faster and some build up more carbon. Adding PRI-G to your tank prevents gumming of the fuel, contamination of the carburetor and build-up of carbon that causes these small work horses to falter. Carbon build-up is a hidden killer of these engines. When too much carbon accumulates, the rings are pushed higher and higher (called “ring jacking”). The increased friction between the rings and cylinders causes elevated temperatures, accelerated wear and ultimately, power head failure. PRI-G dramatically reduces carbon build-up by reducing the size of the carbon cluster.  – Field and Stream, September 2000.

Go2marine carries PRI-D, PRI-G and PRI-OCIDE.