Extend your boating season into fall, winter and spring with an Xtreme Heater.

Xtreme Heaters at Go2marine

Xtreme Heaters at Go2marine

The Xtreme Heater is the FIRST to be independently tested to meet the ignition protection requirements of the ABYC E11, the USCG, ISO 8846, MIL-SPEC ( MIL-STD-810E Method 514.4 Vibration, MIL-STD-810E Method 507.3 Humidity, MIL-STD-810E Method 502.3 Low temperature, MIL-STD-810E Method 501.3 High temperature ) and SAE J1171.

All Xtreme Heaters are a small and highly efficient marine heater for the bilge, engine room or cabin on a boat for extending boat usage during late fall through early spring. The heater has a redundant failsafe protection to prevent runaway temperatures, mounts in small areas and can be mounted in any direction; sideways, upside down, vertically. Xtreme heaters are also ignition protected, energy efficient, and designed to fit into nearly any size or type of boat. It will make it easier to start your engine, maintain dryness in the engine room, keep your bilges warm and dry, minimize winterization and the heating element comes with a full 1 year warranty and lifetime support for service.

Once you plug in your Xtreme Heaters 20 foot built in cord, the heater will turn on at 43 to 46 degree (+/- 3 degrees). The automatic control will shut the heater off at 55 degrees. All Xtreme Heater models utilize PTC technology “Positive Temperature Coefficient” based heaters.

A PTC heater will increase its resistance as temperature increases; the wattage will increase as ambient temperatures fall and the wattage will decrease as ambient temperatures rise. The Xtreme Heater will maintain a consistent air temperature and will never over heat in any circumstance. 
Whether you are a serious boater or you just want to keep everything below decks warm and dry, there is an Xtreme Heater for your usage.

Xtreme Heaters are on sale at Go2marine until November 30th, 2008

Xtreme Heaters at Go2marine

Xtreme Heaters at Go2marine

The Xtreme Heater is available in 3 sizes:

Model Type

Part Code

Model Dims


Recommended for
Boat Size:

6″ x 4″ x 5 1/8″
Up to 24 ft *
8″ x 4″ x 5 1/8″
Up to 28 ft *
8″ x 4″ x 5 1/8″
Up to 35 ft *

* For larger boats or houseboats, you can always use 2 heaters.